Kid Cudi Says He Has ‘Zero Tolerance’ For Kanye West After Falling Out: ‘I’m Not Kim’

1 month ago

Kid Cudi & Kanye West

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Kid Cudi, 38, has “zero tolerance” for erstwhile person Kanye West‘s antics. The “Day’n’Nite” rapper made the blunt connection — going arsenic acold to accidental that he’s “not Kim [Kardashian]” — successful a caller interrogation for Esquire‘s September 2022 issue. “I’m astatine a spot successful my beingness wherever I person zero tolerance for the incorrect energies. I’ve watched truthful galore radical passim the years that are adjacent to him beryllium burned by him doing immoderate f***** up s***,” Cudi said of Ye, 45.

“And past they crook astir and forgive him. And there’s nary repercussions. You’re backmost chill with this man. He does it implicit and over,” the Cleveland, Ohio autochthonal explained. “I’m not 1 of your kids. I’m not Kim. It don’t substance if I’m friends with Pete [Davidson] oregon not friends with Pete. None of this s*** had thing to bash with me.”

Kid Cudi & Kanye WestKid Cudi (L) and Kanye West (R) person been feuding successful caller years. (Shutterstock)

“If you can’t beryllium a grown antheral and woody with the information that you mislaid your woman? That’s not my f******* problem. You request to ain up to your s*** similar each antheral successful this beingness has. I’ve mislaid women, too. And I’ve had to ain up to it. I don’t request that successful my life. I don’t request it,” helium concluded.

Notably, Kim Kardashian filed for divorcement from Kanye West aft 7 years of matrimony successful Feb. 2021. The divided has been on-going — with Ye going done respective divorcement lawyers — however, Kim was declared legally azygous successful Dec. 2021. Amid the split, she began dating Pete Davidson aft gathering on Saturday Night Live last October, starring to play betwixt Ye and Cudi, who is simply a pal of Pete’s. The Yeezy decorator made it wide that Cudi was being dropped from his Donda 2 album due to the fact that helium was friends of “you cognize who” during 1 of his galore societal media outbursts. After 9 months of dating, Pete and Kim recently called it quits.

Kid Cudi has not been shy astir his disdain for his ex-friend and erstwhile collaborator aft the societal media comments, stating successful April that helium is no longer friends with Kanye via Twitter.

Kid Cudi and Kanye West execute unneurotic astatine Coachella successful April 2019. (Amy Harris/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

In the caller interview, Kid Cudi besides addressed his vocation trajectory successful narration to Ye. “I conscionable privation to wide that up for anybody that feels similar Kanye made my vocation oregon made maine who I am,” Cudi said. “He brought maine connected to bash 808s. I thought that was truly f****** awesome. I wanted to beryllium a portion of a household and saw G.O.O.D. Music arsenic that opportunity. So I yet said yeah. Kanye West did not travel and pluck maine retired of Applebee’s oregon the Bape store,” helium clarified.

When it comes to ever reconciling with Kanye, Kid Cudi made it crystal wide that the relationship is dormant successful the h2o — revealing it would instrumentality a “miracle” for them to ever spot things up. “With each owed respect, I’m not Drake, who’s astir to instrumentality a representation with him adjacent week and beryllium friends again, and their beef is squashed. That’s not me. What I say, I mean. I volition beryllium done with you. It’s gonna instrumentality a motherf****** occurrence for maine and that antheral to beryllium friends again. I don’t spot it happening. He gon’ person to go a monk.”

Despite Kid Cudi’s beardown statements and not wanting to beryllium person with Ye again, helium inactive told the outlet that helium “loves” him. “The twisted happening is that I emotion him, but I emotion you truthful overmuch that I tin footwear you the f*** retired of my beingness and beryllium done with your a**. ’Cause you are not bully for me,” helium said. Then, helium addressed Kanye straight 1 much time, “I didn’t emotion myself each them years you knew me. I emotion myself much now, bro. I emotion myself mode more.”