Kylie Jenner Gives Fans A Sneak Peek At Daughter Stormi’s New Playroom In $36 Million Mansion

4 days ago


October 13, 2021 6:42PM EDT

Stormi Webster is getting a caller playroom! Kylie Jenner shared a video of her daughter’s cute small hideout during the operation process.

Stormi Webster’s caller playroom volition apt beryllium much extravagant than your one-bedroom apartment. Kylie Jenner gave her Instagram followers a sneak peek astatine her 3-year-old daughter’s playroom from her $36 cardinal Los Angeles mansion connected Wednesday, Oct. 13, sharing a little video of the operation process connected Instagram Story.

Covered successful a tarp up of painting, the country has darling arched bookshelves built into the walls and immoderate circles chopped retired connected the apical level leveling. The Kylie Cosmetics founder, 24, wrote that she “can’t wait” for the country to travel unneurotic successful the video.

The playroom volition marque a bully hideout for babe fig 2 1 day, too. Kylie is expecting her 2nd child with Travis Scott. She confirmed her gestation connected September 7, sharing an Instagram video that chronicled her gestation travel frankincense far, including undergoing an ultrasound alongside Stormi and breaking the quality to ma Kris Jenner.

The on-again, off-again couple, who divided successful 2019, person not publically confirmed the quality of their relationship; but a root antecedently told HollywoodLife that Kylie and Travis are backmost together and “madly successful love.” The root said, “Kylie and Travis person a large relationship. They’re unneurotic and madly successful love, but it’s enigmatic.”

The 2 person seemingly been trying for a 2nd kid for rather immoderate clip now. “She loves however progressive helium is with Stormi,” the root continued. “That’s portion of the crushed they’re having another. Travis and Kylie genuinely get on and person specified respect for each other. . . Kylie has ever wanted to grow her household arsenic she loves being a mother, truthful she is ace happy.”

The world prima has been vocal astir her tendency to person a batch of children. Back successful October 2018, Kylie appeared successful a constitution tutorial alongside constitution artist James Charles and said she wanted 7 children. “I bash privation to person much but erstwhile is the question,” Kylie said, adding that she wanted to springiness Stormi sisters. “I privation similar 7 girls and past possibly I’ll see a boy.”

Kylie has yet to divulge the sex of babe fig two, but fans person theorized that her babe volition beryllium a boy, citing 1 peculiar Instagram station that made bully usage of bluish bosom emojis.