Lamar Odom’s Kids: Everything To Know About His 2 Children & Late Son

5 days ago

Lamar Odom is simply a arrogant begetter of 3 children, including precocious lad Jayden, girl Destiny, and lad Lamar Jr. Learn each astir them here.

Lamar Odom, 41, enjoyed a palmy vocation successful the NBA from 1999 to 2014, during which helium won 2 title games and earned a plethora of idiosyncratic awards. Also astir during that clip period, the now-retired hoops prima became a begetter to 1 daughter, Destiny, and two sons, Lamar Jr. and Jayden. Lamar welcomed each 3 kids with erstwhile woman Liza Morales, whom helium dated anterior to his matrimony to Khloe Kardashian.

Lamar’s had galore blessings successful his life, but he’s besides faced galore challenges. Namely, his lad Jayden tragically passed away astatine lone six period old. Lamar besides astir died of a cause overdose successful 2015, which affected his relationships with Destiny and Lamar Jr. Find retired much astir Lamar’s 3 kids below.

Destiny Odom

Destiny Odom and Khloe KardashianDestiny Odom and Khloe Kardashian successful 2012 (Photo: WENN/Newscom/The Mega Agency)

Destiny, 23, was calved connected August 6, 1998, and she is Lamar’s lone daughter. At the clip of Destiny’s birth, Lamar was a freshman hoops subordinate astatine the University of Rhode Island, conscionable 1 twelvemonth earlier helium was drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers. When Destiny was 11 years old, her begetter married Khloe aft conscionable 1 period of dating — which Destiny has openly discussed successful past interviews. “Things changed erstwhile my dada joined Khloe,” she told People in 2017. “Things were a batch much public. When your dad’s an NBA subordinate that’s already enough, but erstwhile he’s marrying a world tv star, things are truthful nationalist that you don’t person a backstage beingness anymore.”

Destiny’s narration with Lamar became strained aft the pro jock overdosed connected cocaine and ended up successful a coma. But successful Lamar’s 2021 documentary film, Lamar Odom Re/Born, Destiny said the pair’s narration has vastly improved. “I literally telephone him for proposal for worldly now, due to the fact that I consciousness similar I tin unfastened up to him now. I tin yet spot what a existent begetter is expected to do,” Destiny said.

Lamar Odom Jr.

Lamar and Liza’s 2nd child, lad Lamar Jr., was calved successful 2002. Lamar Jr. is present a 19 twelvemonth aged assemblage student, and he’s been honorable astir his up-and-down narration with his dad. In the documentary, Lamar Jr. said helium could spot Lamar “progressing arsenic a person, arsenic a man, arsenic a father” successful the years aft the near-fatal overdose. “I bash spot him, benignant of, taking that leap,” the teen added.

Lamar Odom and his kidsLamar Odom with his kids Lamar Jr. and Destiny (Photo: JIM RUYMEN/UPI/Newscom/The Mega Agency)

But backmost successful November 2019, Lamar Jr. expressed disappointment with his begetter aft learning the retired NBA prima got engaged to Sabrina Parr via Instagram. “Not a txt oregon telephone telephone to spot however radical who’ve known this dude his full beingness to spot however we would consciousness oregon react,” Lamar Jr. wrote connected IG astatine the time, according to E! News. He past deleted that message, and shared much affirmative remarks astir his dad’s engagement, which has since been called off. “At the extremity of the day, I americium a teenager, that is becoming a young man. I person to beryllium liable for what I post, I person thing but emotion for my dada and privation what’s champion for him.” Afterwards, a source told HollywoodLife that the father-son duo “spoke close distant and they had a bosom to heart” aft the engagement drama.

Jayden Odom

Jayden, Lamar and Liza’s youngest child, arrived connected December 15, 2005. Just six months later, connected June 29, 2006, Jayden tragically died from abrupt babe decease syndrome portion dormant successful his crib. Liza was location erstwhile Jayden passed, portion Lamar was connected the roadworthy for basketball. Jayden’s decease resulted successful the mates splitting up, arsenic good arsenic Lamar sadly turning to drugs to cope.

All these years later, the tragic decease of Jayden has stuck with Lamar. The jock spoke astir his precocious lad successful his documentary, saying, “He was other energetic. Whenever I’d locomotion into the room, he’d conscionable look astatine me. He was beautiful. He was similar the operation of his sister and his brother. I conscionable privation I would person had him successful my beingness a small longer.”