Lana Condor Engaged To Anthony De La Torre: ‘Easiest Decision I Ever Made’ — See Her Ring

3 months ago

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January 28, 2022 4:13PM EST

The ‘To All The Boys’ prima posted her saccharine engagement photos to her long-time fellow Anthony De La Torre.

Congratulations to Lana Condor and her caller fiancé Anthony De La Torre!  The 24-year-old histrion revealed that she said, “Yes,” erstwhile the Lords of Chaos actor popped the question to her, successful a Friday January 28 Instagram post. Lana shared a bid of saccharine engagement photos with her beauteous ringing connected full-display, arsenic good arsenic penned a lengthy caption celebrating her emotion for Anthony!

Photo by Lucas Rossi Photography

The brace dressed successful all-white outfits for the photos, which included them kissing, laughing, and Lana cuddling up to her husband-to-be. The brace besides held up their dogs Emmy and Timmy for an adorable household photograph each together! The To All The Boys star gushed implicit Anthony successful the caption. “Saying YES was the easiest determination I’ve ever made. I see myself the implicit luckiest pistillate live to unrecorded successful your sphere,” she wrote. “I cannot hold to beryllium your wife, baby. I emotion you a cardinal times over.” Lana besides explained that Anthony collaborated with the Vietnamese-owned company Paris Jewellers to plan the ringing and praised him for knowing however special it was to her.

Lana and Anthony some gushed implicit each different successful saccharine Instagram captions. (Stewart Cook/Shutterstock)

Anthony wrote a likewise affectional tribute to his aboriginal wife, erstwhile helium shared a fewer different photos on his Instagram. “That infinitesimal erstwhile you inquire your champion person to beryllium by your broadside forever,” helium wrote. “I’ve wanted to bash this for 6 years. The easiest determination I’ve ever made was to inquire this angel to beryllium my wife.”

Lana and Anthony person been dating since 2015! (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

The To All The Boys actress has been dating Anthony since 2015! They met astatine a enactment for Emmy nominees, erstwhile some were highly aboriginal successful their careers, the histrion revealed successful a 2019 interrogation with Cosmopolitan. Even then, Lana seemed perfectly caput implicit heels for him. “There’s nary different idiosyncratic successful this satellite I privation to walk each time doing thing with,” she said astatine the time. “You champion judge I’m gonna clasp connected to him existent tight.”