Legend delivers harsh truth to 'lazy' Fifita

4 days ago

Queensland large Darren Locker says David Fifita indispensable get escaped of the "lazy" traits successful his crippled if helium is to unrecorded up to his monster Titans contract.

Fifita has been a deed successful the Gold Coast successful his archetypal play since making a big-money determination implicit from the Broncos, nevertheless the Titans inactive find themselves extracurricular the NRL's apical eight.

The 21-year-old besides endured a disappointing authorities of Origin run for Queensland, failing to person an interaction successful the archetypal 2 matches earlier missing the Maroons' Game Three triumph owed to a suspension.

Lockyer, who is simply a selector for Queensland's State of Origin side, touched connected the areas wherever the Titans prima was "letting himself down".

David Fifita of the Titans scores a effort against the Canberra Raiders. (Getty)

"When you person a truly bully young interaction subordinate similar Dave is, the ones that germinate into the truly bully players are the ones that get their caput astir doing the one-percenters, doing the small things good successful their game," helium told Wide World of Sports' QLDER.

"I deliberation that's wherever Dave is letting himself down astatine the moment, whether it's filling abstraction successful defence, having astatine times I conjecture you would accidental lazy plays.

"That endowment he's got and those damaging runs helium tin bash - they volition ever beryllium there. But if helium gets amended astatine doing the one-percenters successful his crippled - footwear pressure, footwear chase, getting backmost down the shot early, each those small things [he volition beryllium adjacent better].

"It's not a musculus representation thing; it's a enactment ethic thing. It makes him a implicit player.

Fifita failed to person an interaction successful the Maroons' archetypal 2 State of Origin matches this twelvemonth (Getty)

"He's got talent, and if he's got the enactment ethic and the committedness there, helium tin gain that benignant of wealth for the remainder of his career, but astatine the moment, until helium fixes up that stuff, there's going to beryllium questions asked astir him."

Broncos and Queensland large Sam Thaiday echoed Lockyer's point, adding that Fifita could larn from his teammates specified arsenic Tino Fa'asuamaleaui.

"If there's a interruption that's made [Fa'asuamaleaui] is chasing each the mode backmost to the posts, if there's a abbreviated broadside that needs to beryllium filled [he'll beryllium there]," Thaiday told QLDER.

"[Fifita has] got guys astir him that tin assistance him and thatch him immoderate of these skills.

Sam Thaiday believes Fifita needs to larn from the illustration acceptable by teammate Tino Fa'asuamaleaui (Getty)

"He's conscionable got to beryllium consenting and beryllium capable to enactment his manus up and say, 'There are things successful my crippled I request to fix.

"Yes, I americium talented, yes, I tin bash these large plays', but it's astir doing these small plays.

"When you tin look fancy, David Fifita, he's lone young, he's astir apt already got a two-song item reel ... But they're the guys you wanted to play with, your Dallas Johnson, the guys that ever showed up connected each small tackle, those small one-percenters that you don't get the accolades for.

"If Dave starts bringing those things into his game, it'll boost his assurance and it'll lone marque the Titans a amended team."

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