Legend's blunt warning for Australian F1 rookie

1 week ago

Formula 1 fable Alain Prost has warned Australian Formula 1 rookie Oscar Piastri that occurrence successful the sport's apical class is not guaranteed, contempt his imposing grounds successful the inferior categories.

Piastri is connected the verge of winning the F2 title, to spell with title wins successful F3 successful 2020 and Formula Renault Eurocup successful 2019.

If helium wins the F2 championship, he'll articulation George Russell and Charles Leclerc arsenic the 3rd operator to triumph some F3 and F2 arsenic a rookie.

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The 20-year-old from Melbourne was past week unveiled arsenic Alpine's reserve driver for 2022, with galore expecting he'll measurement up to a contention thrust successful 2023 successful spot of erstwhile satellite champion Fernando Alonso.

Speaking to the Australian Grand Prix's In the Fastlane podcast, Prost, who won satellite championships successful 1985, '86, '89 and '93, noted Piastri's awesome inferior record, but said a fig of drivers person fallen astatine the last hurdle.

Oscar Piastri aft winning his 2nd contention of the F2 play astatine Monza. (Getty)

"You cannot foretell what a operator tin bash successful Formula 1, successful a large team, with the pressure, we person seen successful the past that sometimes it cannot work," helium said.

"Some drivers, erstwhile they get successful Formula 1, they suffer a small spot due to the fact that they consciousness excessively overmuch pressure."

Prost, who is simply a non-executive manager astatine Alpine, pointed retired that Piastri's grounds successful the feeder categories basal him isolated from galore others.

"I travel Oscar for galore years, and been successful interaction with (his manager) Mark Webber, winning arsenic a rookie the title 3 times successful a enactment is exceptional," helium explained.

Oscar Piastri connected the mode to triumph astatine Monza. (Getty)

"Not galore drivers tin bash that."

Webber has antecedently told Wide World of Sports that Piastri's quality to accommodate to the accrued unit of the higher categories is 1 of his astir awesome traits.

"The much vigor you enactment on, the deeper h2o you enactment him in, the much laptops you enactment astir him, the much people, helium conscionable starts to soak it up," Webber said.

"Some drivers spell the different mode – inferior categories, they similar it, but erstwhile you commencement to enactment the vigor connected past they don't similar it."

Prost has seen Piastri's emergence archetypal manus arsenic a subordinate of the Alpine Academy for the past 2 seasons, with the four-time satellite champion noting however level-headed the Melburnian is.

Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost during their clip arsenic McLaren teammates. (Fairfax)

"More than anything, I accidental hullo to Oscar, I saw him this morning, helium is relaxed, helium is good," Prost said.

"You tin consciousness it is his life, helium knows what helium is doing, helium knows what helium has to bash successful future, he's precise beardown successful his head.

"We person a batch of anticipation for Oscar successful the future. I truly similar him precise much."

Piastri has a 36-point pb successful the F2 title with 2 rounds remaining. The play wraps successful Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi connected the archetypal 2 weekends successful December.

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