Sharks hold off late Sea Eagles comeback

3 weeks ago 16

Cronulla clasp disconnected a precocious Manly comeback to triumph 20-14.

The Sea Eagles slump to 3 losses connected the trot, and a enarthrosis wounded to Josh Aloiai is brackish successful the wounds.

The location broadside made it absorbing astatine Brookvale aft a dismal archetypal fractional successful which the Sharks failed to decently enactment their opponents away.

Manly is successful again!

After a bizarre refereeing moment, the Sea Eagles get six again and a mates of plays aboriginal Lachlan Croker barges his mode over.

The Bunker can't find if it was grounded but the ref's determination of effort stands.

Reuben Garrick converts to marque it a six-point game!

Brookie is pumping with 10,358 fans successful the house.

The Sea Eagles get a try!

A displacement to the near finds Reuben Garrick with abstraction connected the helping and helium dives over.

He lines up the conversion and knocks it implicit from retired wide.

Margin is backmost to 12 points! Can they bash it?

Manly has had a glut of possession and the Sea Eagles person gone adjacent to scoring a mates of times successful these past fewer minutes.

Cronulla holding the enactment well, though.

Still plentifulness of clip successful this crippled for the Sea Eagles to muster a comeback.

Cronulla delivers the archetypal stroke of the 2nd fractional arsenic Jesse Ramien finishes disconnected a bully portion of play.

The Sharks displacement it close and marque a interruption down the sideline, earlier Ramien gets the offload supporting Briton Nikora connected the inside.

Nicho Hynes adds the extras and the Sea Eagles are up against it again.

"That was due to the fact that of their lazy defence connected the erstwhile play," Phil Gould says.

The players are backmost for the 2nd fractional astatine Brookvale.

The Sea Eagles request a large turnaround present to propulsion disconnected a victory.

Manly gets a punishment connected the changeable of fractional clip and opt to footwear for points.

Reuben Garrick knocks it implicit from the sideline truthful the Sea Eagles way 14-2, but nary 1 tin accidental they merit to beryllium wrong 2 converted tries.

"They should consciousness beauteous flattered by the scoreboard," Phil Gould says.

"They've got to improve."

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