LIVE: Gus rips 'terrible' sin-bin call as Manly dudded

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Newcastle again pushes up — and connected this juncture successful a weird way.

Jack Hetherington takes a thumping hit-up from adjacent range, the shot is stripped implicit the effort enactment and Phoenix Crossland swoops to score.

A Jackson Hastings footwear gives the Knights a 24-18 pb successful the 67th minute.

Tolu Koula is marched to the misdeed bin for precocious interaction connected Kalyn Ponga, but Phil Gould slams the decision.

"Tell maine however he's deed him successful the head," says the rugby league guru connected Nine's coverage.

"He hasn't gone anyplace adjacent hitting him successful the head.

"That is simply a unspeakable sin-bin, that truly is simply a unspeakable sin-bin."

Did Ponga's disfigured concussion past origin successful that call? That's 1 to debate.

The hearts of Knights fans descend arsenic Jason Saab picks disconnected an intercept and races 90 metres for a try, drafting the scores level.

"It's a bizarre game, this one," says Nine's Phil Gould.

The scores are level astatine 18-18 successful the 62nd minute.


Bradman Best cannoned into Manly's fragile right-edge defence and looked definite to score, lone to beryllium denied by a freakish try-saving tackle.

Jason Saab got nether Best and held him up, leaving Nine's Phil Gould amazed.

The Knights' near borderline continues to portion up the Sea Eagles arsenic Greg Marzhew barges implicit for a hat-trick.

The bustling winger is brought down by Manly fullback Kaeo Weekes, but springs backmost to his feet and bashes done scrambling Sea Eagles defenders to score.

"This beast of a young man..." says Nine's Phil Gould.

"Bang! Get retired of my way. Gets up and goes again, muscles his mode to the in-goal."

Nine's Andrew Johns is successful awe of Marzhew, describing him arsenic an "elephant" and a "rhino".

Newcastle 18, Manly 14.

Just nether 30 minutes remaining.

Knights winger Greg Marzhew scores his 2nd effort of the day arsenic Newcastle draws level successful the 50th minute.

Kalyn Ponga receives the footy connected the near borderline and dishes it disconnected to the erstwhile Titan, who does the rest.

The scores are locked astatine 14-14.

The 2nd fractional kicks disconnected with the Sea Eagles starring the Knights 14-10.

The double-movement rule should beryllium scrapped, according to Phil Gould.

The rugby league guru was up successful arms aft Knights second-rower Lachlan Fitzgibbon was denied a effort owed to treble question 22 minutes into the archetypal half.

Fitzgibbon planted the shot connected the effort enactment with his near limb aft piercing a spread connected the near edge, but the effort was rejected due to the fact that the Bunker deemed he'd had a 2nd go.

"I hatred the double-movement rule; I reckon if you get there, you get there," Gould said connected Nine's coverage.

"Fifty-fifty, you tin recognize the decision.

"I don't similar the rule, though. I've ne'er liked the double-movement rule."

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