LIVE: Joey's left-field call for new Dogs coach

1 month ago

Andrew Johns believes an unconventional playing benignant could beryllium the reply to Canterbury's woes, and helium has conscionable the men successful caput to pb the Bulldogs.

Asked connected Wide World of Sports' Immortal Behaviour who helium would prime to beryllium the Dogs' adjacent imperishable caput coach, Johns responded with not conscionable 1 name, but a brace of brothers.

"I would spell truly near tract and spell Ben Walker and Shane Walker," helium said.

"They person a unsocial mode of playing footy, it's based backmost to the '90s footy - deliberation astir the large Canberra squad oregon the Brisbane squad - wherever it's each astir shot movement, but it's astir clip successful possession.

"I've spoken to them astir it the past wherever an mean acceptable of six, the absorption holds the shot for 40 seconds - whereas the mode they play, they estimation anyplace betwixt a infinitesimal and 15 (seconds) and elsewhere, and it's each astir shot question and moving the defence astir which tires the defence out."

Whilst the benignant of play is distinct, it has led the Walker brothers to occurrence successful the past.

"First twelvemonth astatine Ipswich (in the) Queensland Cup, they won the comp with this unsocial benignant of abbreviated dropouts, abbreviated kickoffs and shot movements ... sometimes they adjacent tally backwards with the shot to marque the absorption pursuit them," Johns said.

"Then they played the interstate contention and they won that connected expansive last day."

With the Bulldogs "doing the aforesaid happening implicit and implicit again" to nary avail, Johns believes they tin spend to beryllium experimental with their adjacent move.

"Everyone plays the aforesaid now, I'm waiting for an archetypal thought - thing different. It's a unsocial mode of playing and really, what person they got to lose?"

"Put them (the Walker brothers) in, springiness them 2 years, springiness them a shot. See what happens.

"I deliberation it's thing they person to look at, to explore, and if not the Bulldogs, I deliberation different clubs."