Liverpool great mocks United with brutal sledge

1 week ago

Liverpool fable Jamie Carragher mocked Manchester United large Rio Ferdinand with a brutal tweet aft United's 2-0 Champions League triumph implicit Villarreal this morning.

It was the archetypal lucifer successful complaint for United's interim manager Michael Carrick, who stepped up pursuing Monday's merciful firing of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

And Carragher couldn't defy a excavation astatine Ferdinand, referencing his comments aft Solskjaer had achieved a akin Champions League triumph arsenic an interim manager implicit Paris Saint-Germain successful 2019.

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Carragher, Ferdinand and Carrick are erstwhile England teammates with the erstwhile 2 turning to tv punditry alternatively of coaching.

After the Villarreal win, which secured qualification for the past 16, Carrick firmed arsenic the bookmakers' 3rd favourite arsenic Solskjaer's imperishable replacement down Mauricio Pochettino and Ernesto Valverde.

"He's present the saviour, springiness Carrick the job, right?" a tongue-in-cheek Craig Foster quipped connected Stan Sport's coverage.

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Michael Carrick celebrates Manchester United's triumph astatine Estadio de la Ceramica. (Getty)

"You cognize what, if helium goes and beats someone, that's what'll happen, they'll extremity up backmost successful the aforesaid spot. That's the occupation with the club."

Former Socceroos skipper Foster said helium would similar to spot Ajax's Erik 10 Hag get a crack.

"I would emotion to spot a large nine similar Manchester United bash thing similar that. Bring idiosyncratic successful who is really susceptible of thrilling radical with their shot arsenic well."

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Former United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich said the club's brass needed to marque a prosecute "ASAP" but didn't deliberation it would beryllium Carrick.

"It's unsustainable and erstwhile I accidental a manager, a apical manager due to the fact that you tin spot erstwhile these boys get a spot of direction, they tin bash things," Bosnich said.

Stan Sport's European shot adept Lars Sivertsen, meanwhile, believed PSG manager Pochettino would beryllium a terrific acceptable astatine United.

Mauricio Pochettino can't judge it. (Getty)

"For each of Pochettino's undoubted acumen, I'm not definite mildly massaging the egos of (Kylian) Mbabbe and Neymar is what he's bully at," Sivertsen said.

"What he's been bully astatine is making acceptable and bare young players tally done walls for him astatine Southampton and Tottenham and Man United with (Jadon) Sancho, (Marcus) Rashford and (Mason) Greenwood and these guys moving astir for Pochettino, I tin wholly spot it successful my mind's eye, it seems similar specified a amended acceptable for me.

"So immoderate benignant of managerial shuffle, wherever possibly Zidane steps successful astatine PSG to spot if helium tin saccharine speech the large names and Pochettino goes disconnected to Old Trafford to get the champion retired of what is simply a precise absorbing radical of young players. It would marque truthful overmuch much sense."

Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United celebrates scoring astatine Estadio de la Ceramica. (Getty)

Sivertsen conceded that managing Ronaldo could besides beryllium an contented but "I deliberation Pochettino would spot it arsenic an upgrade to person 1 of these guys who helium has to acceptable successful alternatively than 3 of them truly (including Lionel Messi).

"For the mode helium coaches, yeah, he'd person to marque immoderate compromises but less than astatine PSG. Pochettino to United seems similar specified a bully acceptable to me.

"The situation is extricating him from PSG if they don't privation to fto him spell due to the fact that they person each the wealth successful the satellite and they're hard to bully. I deliberation everyone knows that they privation Pochettino truthful it becomes benignant of awkward if you extremity up with idiosyncratic else."

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Pochettino was alert of what helium called "rumours" - "I americium not a child," helium said, "I recognize what is going on" - but was focused connected moving astatine PSG and stressed helium inactive had much than a twelvemonth and a fractional near connected his contract.

"I americium truthful blessed successful Paris St Germain and I americium truthful focused. I was a subordinate successful Paris St. Germain, I emotion the club, I emotion the fans. It is simply a fantastic clip to beryllium astatine the club," Pochettino said.

"My declaration is to 2023, this play and 1 more. I don't accidental thing different. I americium truly blessed astatine Paris St. Germain, that is simply a fact."

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino during the nonaccomplishment to West Ham. (PA AAP)

United is looking to marque a imperishable assignment up of adjacent season.

"We cannot speech astir that for my respect for Paris St. Germain and my respect for different club.

"It is not my business, not my problem."

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