Lori Harvey Stuns In Plaid Crop Top & Skirt For Solo Night Out — Photo

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October 13, 2021 4:36PM EDT

Lori Harvey slayed each time — oregon each night, alternatively — successful a plaid suit with a modern twist for a nighttime retired successful Southern California.

Lori Harvey enactment a caller rotation connected an aged classic. The 24-year aged influencer wore a stunning plaid suit with a matching bikini apical portion treating herself to a seafood day nighttime successful Beverly Hills connected Tuesday, October 12. The exemplary looked astonishing successful the neutral toned outfit paired with see-through heels and a escaped fitting up-do to seal disconnected the blase portion with a casual finish. The absorbing outfit featured assorted cut-outs passim the garment and looked positively astonishing connected the young model.

Lori HarveyLori Harvey slays successful plaid crop-top suit connected a day nighttime retired with herself successful Beverly Hills connected Tuesday, Oct.12. (BACKGRID)

Lori, who ate solo meal astatine Crustacean successful the 90210, whitethorn person been without her fellow 34-year aged Michael B. Jordan but she looked happier than ever spending immoderate prime clip alone. The 2 person been dating since 2020 but didn’t spell nationalist with their narration until January 2021. The Emmy-nominated histrion whitethorn beryllium 10 years her elder but their narration has been blessed by Lori’s celebrated dad, Steve Harvey. “I don’t talk publically astir this benignant of stuff, but I’m blessed for my girl close now. I truly am,” the comedian, 64, confessed. “It’s the archetypal clip I’ve been blessed for her [in a relationship]. And it’s the archetypal clip she’s been happy. He’s conscionable a bully guy. If helium wasn’t, get him retired of here, ’cause I person ways,” the Family Feud big continued. “But I can’t accidental thing bad, man. He’s conscionable got a large family, man. He’s a spiritual guy.”

Lori HarveyLori Harvey is launching a tegument attraction enactment called “SKN by LH” sometime successful 2021. (JEAN-MARC HAEDRICH JEAN-MARC/SIPA/Shutterstock)

In summation to her meal day out, the societal media star besides took to her Instagram stories to beforehand her caller skincare company, SKN by LH. The aspiring quality mogul announced she would beryllium launching her ain skincare enactment successful July 2021 and Michael couldn’t beryllium happier for her. A promotional photograph Lori posted to Instagram connected July 16 was cheered connected by the Black Panther actor who simply near a clump of occurrence emojis to enactment his fig 1 girl. “SKN by LH” is acceptable to debut “soon” according to Lori’s Instagram page.