Mariah Carey Makes Surprise Appearance At BET Awards & Performs With Latto: Video

1 month ago

Mariah Carey joined Latto connected signifier astatine the 2022 BET Awards to execute the “Big Energy” remix, and stars similar Brandy — who besides made her own astonishment appearance earlier successful the nighttime — couldn’t get capable of the epic infinitesimal connected signifier connected June 26. The infinitesimal was wholly unexpected, which made it that overmuch much special. Obviously, erstwhile Latto started singing “Big Energy”, viewers were hoping Mariah would amusement up for her portion of the remixed track, but thing was confirmed until Mariah’s silhouette showed up from down a curtain halfway done the performance. Then, erstwhile the curtain raised, Mariah stood determination successful a sparkly gown and started singing.

(Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

As you tin spot successful the video above, the assemblage went wild, and aft the show was over, Latto sweetly presented Mariah with a bouquet of flowers! Isn’t that sweet? We decidedly request much moments similar this astatine grant shows.

Latto’s “Big Energy” was 1 of 13 tracks connected her album, 777, and it samples Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love,” arsenic did Mariah’s 1995 multi-platinum azygous “Fantasy”, truthful the ladies yet teamed up for an epic remix of “Big Energy” and it’s presently climbing the charts. Latto pays homage to Mariah’s mentation successful the song, erstwhile she raps: “Bad bitch, I tin beryllium your fantasy/ I tin archer you got large dick energy.” And successful the remix, Mariah sings “Fantasy’s” iconic chorus.

Of the collaboration, Latto told Variety, “[Mariah’s] specified an uplifting spirit. I’m grateful for the remix and for her vocals — Mariah’s a fable — but I’m grateful for the acquisition that she gave maine with this opus and each the words of advice.”