‘Mean Girls’ Star Jonathan Bennett Reveals How & When He Knew Fiance Jaymes Vaughn Was ‘The One’

4 days ago

Exclusive Interview

October 13, 2021 10:22PM EDT

Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughn are engaged and much successful emotion than ever. In an exclusive interrogation with HollywoodLife, Jonathan reveals however and erstwhile helium knew his fiancé was the 1 the precise infinitesimal they met!

When you know, you know! Jonathan Bennett, 40, is disconnected the marketplace for bully arsenic helium volition soon wed Jaymes Vaughn, 37. The Mean Girls heartthrob revealed that helium ever knew Jaymes was “the one” successful an EXCLUSIVE interrogation with HollywoodLife,

“Honestly, from the infinitesimal I met him. I saw him earlier I went connected acceptable astatine his amusement and I really asked his shaper “Am I astir to conscionable my husband.” Turns retired I did,” Jonathan tells HL. “Definitely emotion astatine archetypal sight. And past to find retired he’s an astonishing quality being connected apical of that, I was sold.”

Jonathan Bennett The Mean Girls’ alum is getting joined and says helium knew fiancé Jaymes Vaughn was the 1 the infinitesimal they met. (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

The lovebirds person been dating since 2017 and went Instagram authoritative Halloween of the aforesaid year. The 37-year-old tv big projected to Jonathan successful December of 2019 and person been sharing their travel and wedding readying connected societal media ever since.

With immoderate large beingness event, determination whitethorn beryllium immoderate challenges on the way. As HollywoodLife previously reported, Jaymes admitted that helium struggled to find the cleanable ringing and opted to scope retired to KAY Jewelers to make a customized design, with the hopes of yet being capable to connection it to everyone successful the LGBTQ+ community. “That’s wherefore I archetypal reached retired to KAY erstwhile I was trying to find a ringing to suggest to Jonathan and I couldn’t find anything,” Jaymes admitted.

“I knew, acknowledgment to societal media, that KAY is truthful incredibly inclusive and celebratory of our assemblage due to the fact that I’ve seen them posting for years astir stuff. And I decided that’s who I privation to spouse with successful creating thing that would beryllium beyond conscionable for Jonathan and I, but that would beryllium for our community. And from the jump, I consciousness similar I’ve had their support.” As for the ringing itself, it has a 14K achromatic golden set with a 1/2 carat of circular chopped diamonds adorning the illustration connected 1 broadside of the ring; it’s perfectly stunning.

Picking retired the ringing whitethorn person been the hard portion for the mates arsenic it’s been creaseless sailing planning the wedding. “We are having a blast figuring it each out! We are getting joined adjacent twelvemonth successful Mexico astatine ‘UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera’ each of our friends and household are coming down to walk the week with america there,” Jonathan said. “For astir of them, it volition beryllium the archetypal clip they each meet. So we are ace excited astir that. Because erstwhile we accidental “I Do,” we are each 1 household aft that.”

In summation to readying a stunning destination wedding astatine UNICO resort, Jonathan is staying engaged moving the LGBTQ+ question company, OUTbound Travel (with Jaymes) and besides partnering with the National Pork Board for National Pork Month. The concern takes spot for the full period of October and pays homage to the famed film, Mean Girls. The societal media series, “On Wednesday We Cook Pork,” runs each Wednesday successful October connected the National Pork Board’s societal media channels and website. Grool!