Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones Hold Hands At F1 Grand Prix In Monaco: Photos

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Michael Douglas, left, and Catherine Zeta-Jones get  astatine  the 73rd Emmy Awards connected  astatine  L.A. LIVE successful  Los AngelesFIJI Water connected  the Red Carpet astatine  the 73rd Emmy Awards, Los Angeles, United States - 19 Sep 2021

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Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Michael Douglas, left, and Catherine Zeta-Jones get  astatine  the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards, astatine  the Microsoft Theater successful  Los Angeles
71st Primetime Emmy Awards - Limo Drop Off, Los Angeles, USA - 22 Sep 2019

Catherine Zeta-Jones, 53, and Michael Douglas, 78, were seen holding hands successful Monaco! The longtime couple, who person been married for astir 23 years, were each smiles arsenic they took successful the country and sights connected the day of Friday, May 26. At 1 point, the duo stopped to snuggle up for photos earlier continuing to marque their mode done the Monte Carlo area, wherever the Grand Prix is held annually.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are seen successful Monaco connected May 26. (SplashNews)

Catherine opted for a classical striped garment and achromatic pants, which she accented with a golden concatenation loop by Chanel. She besides sported a achromatic and achromatic handbag by the French designer, successful summation to a brace of achromatic sunglasses, metallic hoop earrings and a neutral chapeau to enactment shielded from the sun. Meanwhile, Michael opted for a matching brace of achromatic pants and a achromatic t-shirt, arsenic good arsenic a brace of sunglasses and a greenish Formula One squad shot hat. Both Oscar winners were seen wearing photograph credentials for the precocious illustration lawsuit astir their necks, including ones that work “2023 VIP.”

The longtime mates held hands and snuggled up for photos astatine the event. (SplashNews)

The mates person been more coagulated than ever successful caller years, contempt their little divided backmost successful 2013 — which Catherine says yet brought them person together. “It’s intolerable for determination not to beryllium ups and downs if you unrecorded with the aforesaid idiosyncratic and aftermath up with them each day,” she said to the Telegraph back successful Nov. 2022. “I’ve been waking up to Mike for astir 25 years. I emotion being joined but it’s a brainsick happening erstwhile you truly deliberation astir it. ‘Will you wed me? Sure!'” she went on, comparing the determination to spending wealth connected a decorator handbag that 1 whitethorn get bored of.

“But past you deliberation astir the Chanel purse you spent a luck on, and really I don’t truly similar it anymore – I’ll enactment it up for resale,” she explained. Notably, the mates wed backmost successful 2000 and went connected to invited 2 beauteous kids: son Dylan, 22, and daughter Carys Zeta, 20. At the clip of their wedding, Catherine and Michael drew disapproval for their 25 twelvemonth property gap.

“We’re conscionable precise bully with 1 another, we respect each other, and I ne'er truly consciousness that he’s 25 years older than me. I retrieve radical saying, ‘When you’re 50, he’s going to beryllium 75.’ Well, that’s conscionable maths,” she besides reasoned. “We’ll locomotion astir a play people unneurotic for 4 hours astatine a time. We person a batch of superior similarities too. We were calved connected the aforesaid day, 25 years apart,” she besides said.

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