Michael Vartan Tells Drew Barrymore He Became Aroused While Kissing Her In ‘Never Been Kissed’

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September 14, 2021 6:31PM EDT

Michael Vartan says helium lived retired each young man’s worst fearfulness portion kissing Drew Barrymore successful ‘Never Been Kissed’.

The Never Been Kissed formed reunited connected The Drew Barrymore Show much than 22 years aft the movie’s release, and Michael Vartan, 52, revealed the hilarious crushed wherefore his buss with Drew Barrymore, 46, is 1 he’ll ne'er forget.

After a clip of the buss aired during the Sept. 13 occurrence of Drew’s speech show, helium said, “I’ve got to say, I haven’t seen that clip successful years and lasting determination I got emotional. This movie has been a immense portion of my life. Every clip I americium stopped, it’s ever Never Been Kissed. That’s a beauteous astonishing happening to beryllium a portion of and this reunion is conscionable wonderful.”

(The Drew Barrymore Show)

Drew, who besides invited formed members David Arquette and Molly Shannon connected stage, asked Michael what his favourite representation from the 1999 movie was, and helium said, “There’s a communicative astir the celebrated country that precise fewer radical cognize about. I get up to the mound, we clasp and we commencement kissing, and you truly kissed me. I mean you truly kissed me. I was not acceptable for it successful the slightest and I americium a man. I was a precise young antheral backmost then, and I had feelings.”

Then, erstwhile helium hinted astatine a carnal absorption that came arsenic a effect of the kiss, Drew appeared flustered. He said, “The feelings were — they conscionable happened — and I precise rapidly realized I was successful a precise atrocious spot due to the fact that I was wearing precise loose, like, slacks, and I thought, ‘This is going to beryllium a catastrophe erstwhile they cut, I indispensable preemptively extremity this’.”

(The Drew Barrymore Show)

“In a panic, I conscionable yelled cut, and bent implicit and said, ‘Oh guys, atrocious my back, I enactment my backmost retired playing ball,'” helium recalled. Drew smiled, and Michael explained that helium “went disconnected into a corner” and started “thinking horrible thoughts, like, you know, ‘dead puppies, dormant puppies.'”

Michael said helium was yet capable to calm himself, but the incidental was “very embarrassing”.

“Luckily the consequent scenes went connected without a hitch,” helium said, earlier laughing and adding: “You are a precise bully kisser.”

The 1999 movie follows Josie (Drew Barrymore), a 25-year-old investigative writer who goes undercover astatine the section precocious school. She’s a erstwhile precocious schoolhouse nerd who’s ne'er been kissed before, truthful erstwhile sparks commencement flying with an English teacher (Michael Vartan), who believes she’s a student, things get tricky and ohio truthful complicated.