Migrating birds may use slope of Earth’s magnetic field as ‘stop sign’

3 months ago

Eurasian reed warblers migrate to sub-Saharan Africa each twelvemonth – and they look to usage the slope of Earth’s magnetic tract to justice erstwhile they person reached their European breeding grounds

Life 27 January 2022

By Alex Wilkins

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A Eurasian reed warbler

Shutterstock / Rafal Szozda

Some birds trust connected Earth’s magnetic tract to navigate and it present seems that 1 taxon tin besides usage it to justice erstwhile it has reached home.

One occupation for birds utilizing the magnetic tract arsenic a representation is that its spot and absorption change implicit time. These shifts tin beryllium a important occupation for a vertebrate that indispensable instrumentality to a circumstantial tract to breed.

Now, Joe Wynn astatine the University of Oxford and his colleagues person recovered that the Eurasian reed warbler (Acrocephalus scirpaceus), a vertebrate that migrates each twelvemonth betwixt Europe and sub-Saharan Africa, appears to usage the inclination of the magnetic tract supra the planet’s aboveground – oregon however overmuch it slopes from the horizontal – arsenic a benignant of halt sign. Inclination, compared with different magnetic features similar intensity, drifts the least, making it a bully campaigner for keeping way of a breeding ground.

Wynn and his squad utilized astir 80 years of determination information for the birds’ breeding sites successful Europe aft they returned from spending the wintertime successful Africa. The accusation showed that idiosyncratic birds didn’t needfully instrumentality to the nonstop tract wherever they had been observed and tagged the erstwhile year. Instead, birds often arrived astatine a antithetic tract a fewer tens of kilometres away.

The researchers past compared the fluctuations successful these breeding sites done clip to antithetic models of wherever the birds mightiness beryllium expected to instrumentality if they were relying connected assorted combinations of properties of Earth’s shifting magnetic field, similar its strength and direction.

“We recovered that they were predicted by changes successful inclination, which suggests the birds tin usage this portion of the Earth’s magnetic tract to pinpoint wherever they came from,” says Wynn.

As the results trust connected correlations betwixt the existing information and predicted models, different factors could beryllium astatine play, truthful the effect volition request to beryllium confirmed by experimentation.

“It’s needfully ever imaginable that there’s different explanation, arsenic with a batch of bully science, but this lays a instauration upon which we and different radical tin spell retired and plan experiments,” says Wynn.

If the uncovering is borne retired by experiments, though, it could beryllium utilized to assistance way however birds’ breeding sites determination implicit time.

“One of the astir important things we request to recognize to support biodiversity and mitigate biodiversity nonaccomplishment is to recognize the basics of [bird] behaviour,” says Richard Holland astatine Bangor University, UK. “How bash they find wherever to stop? If they don’t cognize wherever to stop, they are successful the incorrect spot for breeding oregon adjacent the incorrect spot for surviving the winter.”

Journal reference: Science, DOI: 10.1126/science.abj4210

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