Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman’s 14 Kids: Her Octuplets Plus 6 More — What We Know

3 months ago

Nadya Suleman is known for being ‘Octomom’ but she has a whopping 14 kids successful total! Here’s everything you request to cognize astir her teenagers.

Nadya Suleman earned the rubric of “Octomom” aft she gave commencement to 8 children astatine once. On January 26, 2009, she gave commencement to octuplets and made past arsenic the 2nd pistillate to ever bash so. Before the octuplets, she had six children, 2 of which are twins. While the ma of galore children initially denied it, she aboriginal admitted that she had each 14 of her children done IVF. In fact, six of her octuplets came from six embryos leftover from her erstwhile IVF.

Nadya Suleman and kidsNadya Suleman and her kids beryllium down for dinner. (MEGA)

In the contiguous day, she and the octuplets person defied likelihood arsenic each of them person survived and grown up to beryllium steadfast teenagers. In fact, the ma of 14, precocious celebrated the 13-year-olds’ birthday with a saccharine connection and throwback pic of them erstwhile they were pre-school aged. Here is everything you request to cognize astir those octuplets and her different six children.

Elijah Makai Soloman

The eldest of Nadya’s children, Elijah Makai Soloman, was calved connected May 19, 2001. At 20 years old, helium was her lone kid astatine 1 point. Little did helium know, he’d person 13 brothers and sisters. His parent praised him and posted a representation of him blowing retired the candles connected his astir caller birthday. “Happy 20th day to my archetypal babe lad Elijah! Despite the battles we person fought and challenges we person faced implicit the years, you person grown into specified a kind, caring, conscientious, and humble young man,” she wrote successful the post.

Amerah Yasmeen Soloman

Nadya’s oldest girl and 2nd oldest kid Ameerah Yasmeen Soloman is 19 years old. She precocious graduated precocious schoolhouse and has a agleam aboriginal up of her. For her 19th birthday, her parent treated her to a travel to Disneyland and a BBQ connected the beach. During her Instagram station dedicated to her daughter, she highlighted the 19-year-old’s large personality. “Sharing much pics than accustomed to lightheartedly amusement the discrepancies successful Amerah and my personalities lol,” she wrote. “guess which 1 of america is the gregarious, outgoing extrovert? And who is the socially awkward, painfully shy, introvert, avoiding the prima similar it’s COVID?”

Joshua Jacob Soloman

Nadya’s second-oldest lad and third-oldest child Joshua Jacob Soloman is 18 years old. She has noted connected aggregate occasions that JJ values his privateness and tries to respect that arsenic overmuch arsenic possible. That’s wherefore she posted a throwback pic successful grant of his birthday. “Happy 18th day to my 2nd oldest lad Joshua,” she wrote successful the caption. “You person grown into a highly intelligent, self-motivated, hard working, responsible, and respectful young antheral (despite being the ONLY non vegan successful the household 🤷🏻‍♀️). You are a uncommon and unsocial individual, with the astir sardonic consciousness of wit of anyone I’ve ever known. I emotion you much than words tin express. You are loved and appreciated by america all. I respect your prime to stay private, and ever will.”

Aidan Soloman

Aidan Soloman is Nadya’s 4th child. The 16-year-old was diagnosed with Autism and she has been an advocator for him ever since. She has spoken retired astir however she wants an inclusive situation for him conscionable similar the remainder of her children. She besides opened up astir the hardships helium has gone through.”Aidan, who is severely autistic, is not excessively blessed connected his time of dental surgery. Poor babe doesn’t recognize what’s happening to him 😥…Please nonstop your prayers,” she wrote successful an Instagram post.

Calyssa Arielle Soloman

Calyssa Arielle Soloman has a fraternal duplicate named Caleb. At 15 years old, she is already uncovering her strengths. Her ma precocious showed disconnected her “artistic abilities” connected Instagram. She showed disconnected a beauteous watercolor coating of a sunset mounting down a greenish hill. Her ma besides precocious attributed her arsenic “hard-working” and a bully pupil astatine schoolhouse portion adding that she’s an carnal person and adjacent to her feline Penelope.

Caleb Kai Soloman

Nadya SulemanNadya Suleman and her children. (Shutterstock)

Caleb Kai Soloman is fraternal twins with his sister Calyssa. The 15-year-old besides leads a backstage beingness and doesn’t person overmuch of a beingness connected his mom’s societal media. However, it’s apt that he’s adjacent to his duplicate arsenic good arsenic the remainder of his 13 siblings.


Nariyah is 1 of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old is already rather talented. Her ma precocious posted a opus that her girl wrote showing that she has the imaginable to beryllium a aboriginal songwriter. “Nariyah is simply a earthy and passionate opus writer, and has written astir 20 songs independently,” she wrote. “This opus is called ‘Pouring Down,’ which she describes arsenic cognitively reframing a antagonistic oregon challenging situation, experience, event, oregon emotion into a affirmative perspective. Hope this makes you smile.”


Nadya Suleman and her octuplets.Nadya Suleman and her octuplets. (MEGA)

Isaiah is 1 of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old leads a backstage beingness speech from the cameos helium makes successful Nadya’s pictures successful each of the octuplets. Based connected the picture, it seems similar helium enjoys spending clip with his different siblings his age.


Maliyah is 1 of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old has a benignant bosom and based connected her mom’s Instagram posts, has a imaginable aboriginal successful being a chef. Nadya has uploaded a fig of her creations including a caller batch of cocoa pancakes with yummy peanut butter. Not to mention, they were vegan!


Nadya SulemanNadya Suleman and her octuplets. (MEGA)

Jeremiah is 1 of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old is different 1 who doesn’t person overmuch of a societal media presence. However, based connected pictures, it seems similar helium loves having amusive with his same-aged siblings.


Noah is 1 of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old is not lone adjacent pals with their feline Penelope but helium has a peculiar talent. Noah seems to beryllium the instrumentalist of the household arsenic Nadya complimented him connected a occupation good done astatine a concert. He posed holding a violin arsenic Nadya wrote,  “Be arrogant of yourself Noah connected your opening strings performance! You were wonderful.”


Josiah is 1 of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old seems to emotion the spotlight and whitethorn beryllium the aboriginal histrion of the bunch. Nadya uploaded an adorable video of Josiah’s large infinitesimal successful a play that helium was successful and his signifier beingness is conscionable excessively adorable. “Couldn’t assistance but stock Josiah’s solo portion successful the OC play,” she captioned the video.


Jonah is 1 of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old whitethorn beryllium the aboriginal nutritionist successful the family. Look astatine him holding that humungous portion of lettuce! If helium ate each of that himself, past helium decidedly is going to turn up beardown and healthy.


Makai is 1 of Nadya’s octuplets. The 13-year-old seems to person a bosom of gold. He’s champion buddies with his older member Aidan and Nadya often documents their relationship, calling Makai Adan’s “guardian angel.” In different post, she explained the quality of their tight-knit relationship. “Makia is truthful connected to his large member Aidan (who has terrible autism and is cognitively 1 and a half)…watching them unneurotic fills my bosom similar thing else, ” she captioned the post.