Nelly Struggles To Read Teleprompter & Flubs Speech At ‘CMT Artists Of The Year’

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October 13, 2021 10:13PM EDT

While introducing Kane Brown astatine the 2021 CMT Artists of the Year event, Nelly made a large blunder portion attempting to work the teleprompter.

Nelly was tasked with honoring Kane Brown astatine the CMT Artists of the Year connected Oct. 13, 2021. He took the signifier astatine the lawsuit to present Kane to the stage, but it wasn’t agelong earlier helium wholly flubbed up his lines. While attempting to work the teleprompter, Nelly struggled to support up with the substance arsenic it scrolled crossed the screen. He had to halt mid-speech to inquire the teleprompter relation to dilatory down.

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Multi-millionaire celebrities that cannot work a teleprompter.

Who is Nelly?

— An Gorta Mor (@MorGorta) October 14, 2021

Then, aft a fewer much moments, helium faced different hurdle arsenic the substance helium was attempting to work was excessively small. Rather than trying to powerfulness done it, Nelly stopped his full instauration wholly and joked astir the tiny font and his atrocious eyes. The relation scrolled backwards truthful that Nelly could commencement implicit and springiness Kane the instauration helium deserved from the precise beginning.

There's nary denying that @KaneBrown has had an 𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕣𝕖𝕕𝕚𝕓𝕝𝕖 year!

Congratulations Kane connected being a 2021 Artist of the Year! #CMTAOTY

— CMT (@CMT) October 14, 2021

Naturally, the speech connected Twitter blew up aft Nelly’s mistake. “Whoever fto Nelly speech connected TV needs to beryllium fired,” idiosyncratic wrote, portion different idiosyncratic added, “Bro, idiosyncratic needs to cheque connected Nelly aft that.” Of course, galore had sympathy for Nelly, too, with 1 instrumentality tweeting, “I get it. I conflict seeing acold away, too.” Luckily, Nelly seemed to beryllium capable to instrumentality it successful stride and didn’t look excessively embarrassed!

Earlier this year, Nelly and Kane teamed up for a CMT Crossroads episode, truthful they person immoderate history. Although Nelly is champion known for being a rapper, he’s crossed implicit into state euphony connected much than 1 juncture passim his career. In fact, successful August 2021, helium released his first state EP, Heartland, which combined some genres and proved that Nelly is simply a wholly versatile artist.

nellyNelly walks the reddish carpet successful a colorful outfit. (Raymond Alston/Shutterstock)

“As a instrumentality and arsenic a friend, I’m genuinely arrogant of each the success,” Nelly said, of Kane, astatine Artists of the Year. “And arsenic a collaborator, I can’t hold to beryllium backmost successful the workplace moving unneurotic again.” Meanwhile, erstwhile Kane got onstage, helium brushed disconnected the flubbed introduction. “Nelly killed it,” helium laughed. “You killed my intro, bro.”

In summation to Kane, the different artists honored arsenic Artists of the Year were Kelsea Ballerini, Luke Combs, Chris Stapleton and Gabby Barrett. Meanwhile, Mickey Guyton was awarded the Breakout Artist of the Year award, while Randy Travis was recognized arsenic the Artist of a Lifetime. Kane really performed 1 of Randy’s songs for his show astatine the amusement arsenic a mode to grant the state euphony legend.