NFL email scandal uncovers 'despicable' photos

4 days ago

Pressure is mounting connected the NFL to merchandise the findings of its probe into the Washington Football Team's workplace culture, pursuing allegations that inappropriate photos of the team's cheerleaders were secretly sent astir by coaches via email.

The alleged photos were uncovered in emails reported by the New York Times, which exposed racist, misogynistic and homophobic connection utilized by erstwhile Las Vegas Raiders manager Jon Gruden, yet starring to his resignation this week.

Then Las Vegas Raiders manager Jon Gruden speaks to backmost Ryan Carr. (Getty)

According to the newspaper, Gruden denigrated the thought of women referees, utilized homophobic slurs and exchanged pictures of cheerleaders wearing lone bikini bottoms.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, the cheerleaders assertion the emails amusement topless images of them from a past swimsuit photoshoot video and were allegedly shared betwixt Gruden and past Washington wide manager Bruce Allen. Gruden was moving for ESPN astatine the clip portion his member Jay was hired by Allen to manager the team.

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Detailed successful a Washington Post nonfiction successful 2020, squad staffers were allegedly told to to instrumentality behind-the-scenes video of the swimsuit sprout and to chopped a abstracted clip featuring bare nipples and the pubic areas of the cheerleaders portion they were changing clothes.

Washington Football Team cheerleaders execute anterior to grooming campy signifier earlier this year. (Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

According to the outlet, the video was shared with Washington squad proprietor Daniel Snyder, who aboriginal denied the allegations.

A fig of cheerleaders made ceremonial complaints of inappropriate behaviour and took ineligible enactment against the squad alleging the video was disseminated among squad executives.

The NFL fined Washington $10 cardinal aft its probe into the team's civilization and workplace concluded successful July. However the league reopened the case, which progressive 650,000 emails, starring to Gruden's demise and the find of the photos.

The cheerleaders person called for the probe to beryllium made public, particularly since the emails involving Gruden were aired successful the media contempt the manager not being the taxable of the investigation.

Washington Redskins proprietor Daniel Snyder (Getty)

"It's despicable, really, to spot that determination is much grounds of exploitation and usurpation of these cheerleaders who I worked precise intimately with," Melanie Coburn, a four-year WFT cheerleader and the squad's selling manager for 10 years told the Daily Beast.

Another erstwhile cheerleader Candass Correll, who was with the squad from 2016 until 2021, told the website victims person not been informed astir the findings of the investigation.

"If it wasn't for [the New York Times article,] we would've ne'er known that those pictures were going done the message servers betwixt these 2 truly important radical successful the NFL," she said.

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