Nick Jonas Crashes His Bike & Has To Be Taken To The Hospital In ‘Olympic Dreams’ Special

4 days ago

During a contention with his brothers, Nick Jonas crashes and falls disconnected his motorcycle during the ‘Olympic Dreams’ special. Nick is successful truthful overmuch symptom that the ambulance has to beryllium called.

The Jonas Brothers look disconnected successful respective Olympic challenges successful their Olympic Dreams special, which aired July 21 connected NBC. Things instrumentality a shocking crook during the motorcycle contention betwixt Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas. While coming retired of a crook connected the course, Nick’s motorcycle spins retired of control. The motorcycle slides retired from nether him, and Nick hits the crushed connected his near broadside hard.

The clang causes Joe and Kevin to tumble into the crushed arsenic good aft being incapable to debar Nick and his bike. Nick is capable to basal up aft the crash, but Kevin tells him not to walk. The medic is called to assess. Kevin asks his younger member if helium is okay. “Yeah, I deliberation my rib is f**ked up, too,” Nick replies.

Nick JonasNick Jonas got into a motorcycle mishap portion filming ‘Olympic Dreams.’ (NBC)

The ambulance arrives astatine the track. Nick is enactment connected a gurney and enactment into the backmost of the ambulance. Kevin and Joe archer Nick they volition conscionable him astatine the hospital. As helium is wheeled away, it’s wide that Nick is successful an immense magnitude of pain.

At a property league aft the crash, Nick explains what happened connected the motorcycle track. “I ever springiness 110 percent and sometimes that gets you the gold. In this case, it got maine a fractured rib, a bruised tailbone, and a infirmary dinner. But I’m recovering,” Nick says.

The Olympic Dreams peculiar was really filmed backmost successful May 2021 portion Nick was inactive filming The Voice. Just days aft being hospitalized, Nick appeared unrecorded connected The Voice. He addressed his wounded and told viewers that helium was doing fine. The vocalist aboriginal talked much extensively astir what happened connected Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Olympic DreamsKevin, Nick, and Joe Jonas connected ‘Olympic Dreams.’ (NBC)

“We each looked astatine each different beforehand due to the fact that the contention was beauteous intense,” Nick told Seth Meyers. “We said, ‘Just instrumentality it easy, let’s not overdo it.’ So I was being responsible, I wasn’t being overly competitive. But thing happened. It was 1 of those things wherever the handlebars benignant of got retired from nether maine and I conscionable tumbled.”