Nightmare race catches Bathurst champ off guard

1 month ago

Two-time Bathurst 1000 champion Will Davison says his squad has figured retired what went incorrect astatine the caller Winton circular of the Supercars championship, pursuing a nightmare play for Dick Johnson Racing.

Davison, who sits 4th successful the championship, finished 11th, 14th and 10th successful the 3 races, having gone 2nd, 2nd, 6th, 1st and 3rd successful the 5 races anterior to Winton.

His teammate Anton de Pasquale fared small better, coming location 8th, 10th and 8th.

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"We've had a precise thorough look astatine what went wrong," Davison told Wide World of Sports.

"We're assured we cognize what we request going forward, determination were a fewer small things that went amiss connected the car.

"We hadn't spent immoderate clip determination implicit the past 3 years, we were the lone squad that wasn't capable to person a look astatine the way with the existent tyre, and with the two-day format, it was precise tricky.

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"It caught america disconnected guard, but arsenic disappointed arsenic we were we've had clip to bespeak and recognize what happened."

The 39-year-old remains assured the issues exposed astatine Winton won't beryllium repeated elsewhere.

"There was a fewer things that went against the mode our car is designed," helium explained.

Will Davison successful enactment successful Perth. (Getty)

"It wasn't thing you could easy hole successful the abstraction of a mates of hours.

"Winton was the archetypal clip since I've been astatine the squad that we haven't been capable to get the car into the operating window.

"As disappointing arsenic that was, it besides speaks volumes for the prime of the bundle we have, due to the fact that it's precise uncommon we're not connected the archetypal mates of rows. That's not casual successful this sport.

"It was a spot of a shock, but it's a rarity for us."

Davison sits 4th successful the Supercars title approaching the midway constituent of the season, having won successful Perth and scored 5 different podiums.

He's wrong show of de Pasquale, who's 2nd successful the championship, but Triple Eight's Shane van Gisbergen has established a commanding pb successful the rubric race.

Davison went head-to-head with van Gisbergen successful Tasmania, yet finishing 2nd down the Holden driver. Speaking from the United States, three-time Supercars champion Scott McLaughlin offered the sentiment that van Gisbergen's rivals "needed to basal up for themselves" connected track.

Will Davison celebrates his triumph successful Perth. (Getty)

It's a premise that Davison rejects.

"Scott's evidently a champion of the athletics and helium raced hard with Shane," helium said.

"If you've got adjacent car velocity successful a contention past it comes down to a one-to-one battle. At the infinitesimal Shane's been capable to drawback america erstwhile we're starring by 5 oregon six seconds. He's coming astatine america with clip up his sleeve.

"It's casual to look much assertive erstwhile you've got velocity compared to those you're racing against.

"Our absorption is to marque definite we tin vie connected contention speed, and erstwhile I tin drawback Shane from 5 seconds down I'm definite I'll beryllium capable to beryllium much aggressive."

McLaughlin, who volition thrust successful this weekend's Indy 500, made waves successful an interrogation with the Associated Press, wherever helium said helium came from a bid (Supercars) that "was afloat of backstabbing."

The New Zealander's last years successful Supercars were overshadowed by arguments implicit parity betwixt the Commodore and Ford's Falcon and Mustang cars.

His Bathurst 1000 triumph successful 2019 was marred by controversy, aft his teammate Fabian Coulthard slowed the tract down a information car to let McLaughlin to marque a pit stop.

Will Davison successful enactment earlier this season. (Getty)

Davison, who stepped into the No.17 DJR Mustang vacated by McLaughlin, said his predecessor had simply had capable of the category.

"I cognize what helium means, I cognize him rather good and I've spoken to him rather a lot," helium said.

"A batch of the saga that was going connected with the Mustang, and a batch of the inexpensive talk, helium was beauteous fed up. I cognize precisely what he's connected about.

"IndyCar is precise cutthroat but besides precise respectful. I deliberation determination is simply a batch much respect wrong the assemblage and the instrumentality basal than sometimes we spot here.

"I get wherever he's coming from, and I surely don't instrumentality it personally."

Davison volition person the accidental to instrumentality the combat to van Gisbergen adjacent clip retired successful Darwin, a circuit wherever DJR enjoyed occurrence successful 2021.

Davison started from rod successful 2 of the 3 races, with de Pasquale astatine the beforehand of the grid for the other. Davison picked up a brace of 2nd spot finishes down van Gisbergen.

"Expectations are high," helium said.

"We spell determination feeling good, knowing we had a beardown car determination past year, and evidently precise keen to determination connected from Winton.

"Winton hurt, we're keen to crook the leafage and travel retired swinging."

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