Ninth House Gifts For Fans of Leigh Bardugo

3 months ago

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A fewer weeks ago, I dived into Etsy to look for immoderate bookish swag. I wasn’t looking for thing specific, but I was pleasantly amazed erstwhile I saw that the Ninth House fandom was thriving successful the integer marketplace. Leigh Bardugo’s acheronian academia publication is beauteous popular. I mean, it adjacent won Goodreads Best Books of 2019 successful the phantasy category. I surely number myself among its fans. Plus, Leigh tweeted a small implicit 2 years agone that she would happily constitute astatine slightest 5 books for Ninth House’s protagonist Alex Stern. But determination hasn’t truly been immoderate quality since — we don’t adjacent person a work day for publication two. Which has near a gaping snake-shaped spread successful each our hearts.

I’ve ever said that my favourite mode to capable the holes near down by books is with bookish merch. Seriously, I emotion having a bookmark, mug, oregon sweatshirt that reminds maine of my favourite books. So, knowing I would find much than 1 happening that would marque maine spell “take my money!” — I decided to instrumentality a deeper dive into Etsy to find arsenic galore Ninth House gifts arsenic I could find.

So without further ado, present are 11 Ninth House gifts for fans of Leigh Bardugo’s book.

11 Ninth House Gifts For Fans of the Book

Ninth House acquisition  candle

Pretend you’re a subordinate of the Ninth House with this scented soy candle. $8.50 for the 4 oz mentation and $16 for the 8 oz version.

Ninth House acquisition  sticker sheet

Decorate your laptop oregon a diary with this stunning, digitally drawn, sticker sheet. $5

Ninth House acquisition  bookmarks

Reread the publication with this beauteous tarot inspired, double-faced, bookmark. $2 for the mean version, and $3 for a plasticized one.

Ninth House acquisition  poster

Download this minimalistic poster and people it arsenic galore times arsenic you want. $10

Ninth House acquisition  tshirt

The snake connected this graphic T-shirt volition ever punctual you of Alex Stern arsenic agelong arsenic you deterioration it. $22+

Ninth House acquisition  mug

Take a sip of your greeting beverage (or coffee) successful this ceramic mug to punctual you of 1 of the book’s astir iconic quotes. $12 for the 11 oz mentation and $15 for the 15 oz version.

Ninth House acquisition  embroidery

Embroidered hoops similar this are cleanable to decorate immoderate nook oregon bookshelf. This 1 comes successful 3 sizes. The 4-inch is $10, the 6-inch is $15, and the 8-inch is $20.

ninth location   acquisition  necklace

The store that does this jewelry is ChaosTheoryDesigns. There is lone 1 entity per quote, due to the fact that they are made from existent publication pages. But they person galore much Ninth House options successful their store! This peculiar necklace costs $15.

Ninth House acquisition  pin

This pin isn’t technically inspired by Ninth House, but that snake is conscionable what I ideate Alex’s tattoos to look like! $9

Ninth House acquisition  patch

You tin amusement your enactment for Lethe House with this handmade patch that you tin robust connected immoderate portion of covering you want! $12

Ninth House acquisition  sweatshirt

Last but not least, a comfy sweatshirt that besides sports the book’s iconic mors irrumat omnia quote. There’s besides a hoodie and T-shirt design, but the sweatshirt comes successful 13 colors and six sizes. Price goes from $39 to $51.

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