Olivia Culpo Outraged After She’s Told She Couldn’t Wear Sports Bra & Biker Shorts On Plane

7 months ago


January 14, 2022 10:39AM EST

Olivia Culpo was outraged erstwhile she was told by an hose that she couldn’t committee the level due to the fact that she was wearing a sports bra & biker shorts.

Olivia Culpo, 29, had a precise unhappy acquisition portion trying to committee her level to Cabo, Mexico connected Jan. 13. Olivia arrived astatine the airdrome rocking a tiny achromatic bralette with a brace of high-waisted biker shorts and a agelong achromatic cardigan connected top. When it was clip to committee the American Airlines plane, Olivia was told she could not get connected the formation successful her outfit and had to change.

What twelvemonth volition we beryllium done policing women’s bodies??? @AmericanAir @oliviaculpo pic.twitter.com/TLFEGnoje2

— Amy (@amyjeannn7) January 14, 2022

Olivia was wholly shocked erstwhile she was told she couldn’t board, truthful she took her boyfriend, Christian McCaffrey’s sweatshirt, and enactment it on, covering her full precocious body. The greenish sweatshirt was ace baggy connected her and she pulled it up to amusement that she inactive had her outfit connected underneath.

Olivia’s older sister, Aurora, filmed the full script and Olivia reposted her sister’s video of her wearing the acceptable and wrote, “Oh nary I’m confused lol. Is this outfit inappropriate/offensive?”

Aurora past filmed different rider connected the formation who was besides wearing a plunging bralette with a brace of high-waisted leggings and a cardigan. The different rider expressed to the camera that she was sop confused arsenic to wherefore she could committee successful her outfit but Olivia couldn’t successful her akin outfit. Olivia reposted the video writing, “New champion person had my back.”

Eventually, they were capable to committee the level and Olivia posted a photograph of Christian sitting successful his spot wearing conscionable his achromatic T-shirt with his arms tucked successful due to the fact that helium was freezing considering Olivia was wearing his hoodie.

Once they landed, Olivia posted a photograph of herself successful her original outfit writing, “I’m dressed backmost successful my risqué athleisure outfit and gave Christian backmost his apparel lol.” She past posted different photograph of vintage hose hostesses wearing their uniforms of agelong knee-length skirts and blazers, writing, “My adjacent airdrome lewk.”

Despite each the stress, Olivia made it to Cabo safely and is already having a large clip connected her vacation, getting to deterioration each of the outfits she wanted.