Olivia Newton-John Honored By Coldplay With Gorgeous ‘Summer Night’s Rendition On Tour

1 month ago

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 John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, 1978. ©Paramount Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

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The emotion for the precocious Olivia Newton-John is undeniable arsenic astonishing tributes support pouring successful one week aft her death. During a Coldplay concert astatine Wembley Stadium successful London connected Tuesday, August 17, pb vocalist Chris Martin joined forces with iconic “Torn” vocalist Natalie Imbruglia to sing a rousing rendition of “Summer Nights” from the movie Grease, which catapulted Olivia to fame backmost successful 1978. Watch below!

Chris took implicit the portion of Danny originated by John Travolta, arsenic Natalie sang Oliva’s portion of Sandy. The dazzling duo teamed up with Grammy-winning instrumentalist Jacob Collier, who not played the soft during the tribute, but besides provided a dependable for the song’s celebrated chorus.

The saccharine solemnisation of Olivia’s beingness came aft her husband, John Easterling, shared a heartbreaking tribute to his precocious woman 2 days after her death. The American businessman, who joined the Australian popular prima successful 2008, took to Olivia’s Instagram connected August 10 to stock a beauteous photograph of the brace and a connection to grant her aft she passed distant pursuing a years-long conflict with stage IV bosom cancer. “Our emotion for each different transcends our understanding,” John began. “Every time we expressed our gratitude for this emotion that could beryllium truthful deep, truthful real, truthful natural. We ne'er had to ‘work’ connected it. We were successful awe of this large enigma and accepted the acquisition of our emotion arsenic past, contiguous and forever.”

John concluded the heartfelt connection by writing, “Even present arsenic her psyche soars, the symptom and holes successful my bosom are healed with the joyousness of her emotion and the airy that shines forward. Our household profoundly appreciates the immense water of emotion and enactment that has travel our way.”

The precocious Olivia Newton-John was paid a tribute by Coldplay successful August 2022. (John Photography/David Fisher/Shutterstock)

Olivia intelligibly felt the aforesaid mode for John, arsenic she gushed astir him to People in 2016. “I’m precise fortunate I person a wonderful, beauteous hubby who is conscionable truthful loving and fantastic,” she explained. “I ever archer my friends you’re ne'er excessively aged to find love. I recovered the emotion of my beingness astatine 59 going connected 60! I’m grateful.”

Much similar Chris, Natalie and John, Olivia’s family and co-stars paid tribute connected societal media pursuing the quality of the chart-topping singer’s death. Her girl Chloe Lattanzi, 36, penned a heartfelt message, writing, “It has been my grant and continues to beryllium my grant to beryllium your babe and champion friend.” And her Grease castmate, John Travolta, referenced their iconic movie by sharing, “Your interaction was incredible. I emotion you. We volition spot you down the roadworthy and we volition each beryllium unneurotic again. Yours from the archetypal infinitesimal I saw you and forever! Your Danny, your John!”

Meanwhile, Australia’s Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews offered Olivia’s household a authorities ceremonial for the prima and they accepted. Her niece, Tottie Goldsmith, told A Current Affair, “We will, connected behalf of not conscionable our family, but I deliberation Australia needs it. She was truthful loved. I deliberation our state needs it truthful we’re going to judge it.”