One Direction’s Transformation: See The Boy Band’s Then & Now Photos On 11 Year Anniversary

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July 22, 2021 10:00AM EDT

In grant of One Direction’s 11th anniversary, observe by taking a look backmost astatine their past and present photos, and observe what they’re each up to today.

It’s hard to judge it’s been much than a decennary since the British lad set One Direction was formed connected The X Factor. July 23 marks the 11th day of the bandHarry StylesLiam PayneLouis TomlinsonNiall Horan, and erstwhile member Zayn Malik — being placed unneurotic by Simon Cowell. Their emergence to fame was meteoric arsenic they rapidly transcended their world TV fame, and emerged arsenic serious, chart-topping popular stars soon aft the show. They besides proved that you don’t person to triumph to marque it big, arsenic the 5 lads came successful 3rd down runner up Rebecca Ferguson and victor Matt Cardie.

One DirectionOne Direction attending the BBC Music Awards astatine Earl’s Court, London. Credit: AP News

The aboriginal 2010’s were a non-stop unit of One Direction mania arsenic the boys released respective smash hits and albums portion touring worldwide to millions of screaming fans. Things took a monolithic turn, however, successful 2015 erstwhile Zayn decided to permission the radical and prosecute his ain solo opportunities. Despite finishing their circuit arsenic a foursome, the boys went connected an indefinite hiatus soon aft Zayn’s departure.

Harry Styles

harry stylesHarry Styles past and now. Image: Shutterstock

Harry’s solo vocation has taken disconnected successful the years since One Direction parted ways, but it seems cipher could person predicted conscionable however rapidly his prima would rise. Not lone did his eponymous debut medium and 2019 travel up Fine Line top charts astir the world, but he’s made a sanction for himself arsenic a manner icon, and a societal commentator. Harry has adjacent branched retired into acting, and was seen filming Don’t Worry Darlingdirected by his woman Olivia Wilde, earlier this year. The mates appeared to marque their narration nationalist aft putting connected a saccharine show of PDA at a wedding for Harry’s cause successful Montecito, CA connected January 3, 2021. Harry — who officiated the wedding — looked precise handsome successful a achromatic suit with a velvet bow. In the months since, the mates haven’t been shy astir packing connected the PDA portion enjoying day nights, and cruising astir connected boats.

Liam Payne

Liam PayneLiam Payne past and now. Credit: AP Images/MEGA

Liam Payne has continued to merchandise euphony implicit the years, but besides made headlines for his idiosyncratic life. He welcomed a lad named Bear with chap singer Cheryl Cole in 2017. The toddler, who has been kept retired of the nationalist oculus since his birth, precocious celebrated his 4th birthday! In announcing his birth, Liam wrote connected Instagram, “I’m incredibly fortunate to invited our caller babe lad into the world. It’s a infinitesimal that I volition ne'er hide for the remainder of my beingness and my favourite representation I person truthful far.” He aboriginal found love with woman Maya Henry but their engagement came to an end successful 2021. Liam opened up astir immoderate of the darker moments successful his beingness during an interrogation connected Steven Bartlett’The Diary of a CEO podcast. During the exchange, Liam recalled a photograph of himself partying connected a boat, referring to that infinitesimal arsenic his “pills and booze phase” amid the tallness of One Direction’s fame. He also shared, “I’ve conscionable not been precise bully astatine relationships. I cognize what my signifier is with relationships astatine this point. I’m conscionable not precise bully astatine them. I request to enactment connected myself archetypal earlier I enactment myself onto idiosyncratic else.”

Niall Horan

niallNiall Horan past and now. Image: Shutterstock

Niall has besides made an interaction successful the euphony industry. The Irish crooner has embraced his Ed Sheeran broadside connected tracks similar “Slow Hands” and “This Town” and made his solo Saturday Night Live debut successful 2019. In the years since the radical disbanded, Niall has offered immoderate penetration into the One Direction experience. He reflected connected that play of his beingness during the March 23 occurrence of People, Just People with host Dermot O’Leary, comparing the acquisition to being “a prisoner”. “I struggled with the thought of, ‘Why won’t you conscionable fto america out?’” helium explained, noting that fans would beryllium “banging connected car windows [before we could get retired of the vehicle]. [I was thinking], ‘We conscionable privation to spell for a walk,’ you know?”

Louis Tomlinson

louisLouis Tomlinson past and now. Image: Shutterstock

Louis not lone continued releasing solo euphony and collaborations with different artists, but helium besides returned arsenic a justice to wherever it each began: The X Factor. He was also the archetypal of the One Direction boys to go a father. The vocalist welcomed an adorable son Freddie Reign Tomlinson, with erstwhile girlfriend Briana Jungwirth in 2016. Louis’ mini-me celebrated his fifth birthday in January 2021, and he’s the spitting representation of his dad. The erstwhile mates are precise protective of their lad and rarely stock photos of him publicly. Louis opened up astir fatherhood successful a uncommon interrogation with Metro in 2019. He explained that Freddie and Briana unrecorded successful Los Angeles, and Louis splits his clip betwixt determination and the UK. “I effort and walk arsenic overmuch clip successful England arsenic I bash LA and vice versa… to be there to see and spell retired with Freddie and each of that,” helium told the outlet. “Then I person my family successful the UK, who I marque definite I spot plentifulness of. It’s a spot of a juggle astatine times but it’s each portion of life.”

Zayn Malik 

zaynZayn Malik past and now. Image: Shutterstock

Zayn Malik was the archetypal to depart the set successful 2015, and achieved his ain occurrence with the opus and euphony video for “Pillowtalk”, which starred his now girlfriend Gigi Hadid. Speaking of the planetary supermodel, the “Vibez” vocalist welcomed a daughter named Khai with Gigi successful September 2020. The 28-year-old opened up astir fatherhood during a rare interview successful March. “Honestly, it’s amazing,” helium gushed. “A batch of radical that I was speaking to, obviously, earlier she was calved and worldly were like, ‘It’s a large adjustment, and it’s going to beryllium a monolithic alteration and stuff.’ But honestly, she’s an astonishing baby.” He added, “It’s been truly casual for maine and Gig to benignant of conscionable easiness into it. She benignant of made it casual for us, she sleeps truly well, she loves her milk.”