‘One Of Us Is Lying’s Marianly Tejada Loves That Bronwyn & Nate Are So ‘Protective Of Each Other’

5 days ago

The ‘One Of Us Is Lying’ travel continues connected October 14. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Marianly Tejada astir Bronwyn and Nate’s connection, wherever Bronwyn’s bosom genuinely lies, and more.

Bronwyn Rojas is the cleanable student, but adjacent she can’t fig retired wherever this Simon enigma is headed. The adjacent 3 episodes of One Of Us Is Lying driblet October 14 connected Peacock, and the amusement volition proceed to research the secrets Bronwyn has been trying to fell arsenic she tries to lick Simon’s murder.

Marianly Tejada spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife astir the value of her quality erstwhile it comes to Latinx practice connected TV. Naturally, we had to sermon Nate and Bronwyn’s increasing bond and wherefore publication fans are truthful invested successful their relationship. Read our Q&A below:

Marianly TejadaMarianly Tejada and Cooper van Grootel arsenic Bronwyn and Nate. (Peacock)

What was it astir Bronwyn that truly drew you in?
Marianly Tejada: What I archetypal work was the aviator earlier I adjacent work the book. I didn’t truly cognize overmuch astir Karen’s books until the task came about, and past I retrieve speechmaking the pilot. There was thing conscionable truthful peculiar astir Bronwyn and Nate’s narration due to the fact that that’s what I got to audition with. Also, arsenic a Latinx histrion successful the business, it’s conscionable truthful large to spot specified a analyzable and important quality successful a story. She’s a large portion of not lone solving the execution mystery, but her and Maeve I deliberation are conscionable unthinkable Latinx characters that you find successful the amusement and successful the book. So that was the archetypal thing, and past arsenic soon arsenic I knew I had the part… I didn’t privation to work the publication earlier past due to the fact that I didn’t privation to jinx it. I was already truly attached to the task based connected what I knew. I ran retired of that casting bureau and work the book. I was conscionable truthful grateful and honored to person been formed to play her due to the fact that I deliberation Karen did specified an astonishing occupation astatine penning analyzable quality beings that we mightiness spot arsenic your precocious schoolhouse archetypes, but there’s conscionable truthful overmuch much to them than meets the eye. And to get to grow connected Bronwyn has been specified a pleasance and an astonishing happening arsenic as an artist.

What was that archetypal content similar with Cooper van Grootel? Bronwyn and Nate’s dynamic is truthful cardinal to making this full amusement work.
Marianly Tejada: It’s truly comic due to the fact that I knew helium had been cast. When I heard I was surface investigating for the role, I conscionable started Googling to effort to find retired astir this actor. I deliberation I recovered similar a truly aged interrogation retired connected YouTube and I was like, ohio my God, he’s truthful cleanable for the role. I deliberation helium really texted maine and the different histrion who was going to surface trial for Bronwyn and he’s like, “I conscionable privation to fto you cognize that I’m truly excited.” He sent the nicest message, I think, the time before, and past I’m like, should I substance him and beryllium like, “Hey let’s drawback java oregon something?” Just truthful I tin spot what he’s astir and perchance assistance america out. I deliberation helium was busy, but definite enough, the adjacent time I amusement up to the casting bureau and helium was determination early. We had a small clip to chat. Honestly, it was an contiguous consciousness of friendship. I deliberation that casting director Gayle Pillsbury and Jennifer Morrison and the producers who were progressive successful the casting process were conscionable superb astatine it due to the fact that conscionable the pairing that they did successful the amusement successful general, but particularly with Cooper and myself. I consciousness similar everything other conscionable came ace casual from that constituent connected due to the fact that it was honestly effortless and conscionable ace natural. We conscionable had truthful overmuch amusive successful that read-through, and from past connected it’s been the aforesaid thing.

It’s truthful large to spot that you some vibe and get on truthful good likewise to your characters by the extremity of the story. That’s truthful important for a task similar this that hinges connected these 4 halfway people.
Marianly Tejada: For sure, and I deliberation that’s 1 of the astir peculiar things astir this amusement is that we genuinely conscionable are friends successful existent beingness and that chemistry… As large of an histrion arsenic you are there’s conscionable the chemistry and a likability that you person to person with your chap actors. When it’s there, it’s undeniable. I deliberation radical are truly going to conscionable prime it up successful the show.

With this being 8 episodes versus the book, what tin you accidental astir what we’re going to get to research much of with Bronwyn present that we person overmuch much clip with her?
Marianly Tejada: I deliberation that determination is simply a good equilibrium that the writers person done brilliantly of keeping the book’s essence successful the show. Also, there’s a small spot of crippled twists and caller things successful the crippled and for the characters. I don’t deliberation I tin elaborate excessively overmuch due to the fact that I mightiness get successful trouble, but I’m truly excited for radical to spot the friendships that flourish successful the amusement that possibly are not seen successful the publication oregon there’s a hint to them successful the book, but present you truly get to spot them more.

With Nate and Bronwyn, we get to walk a small much clip with them. Will fans beryllium satisfied with what they spot of this narration being portrayed connected screen?
Marianly Tejada: I honestly person a hard clip not mounting expectations for people, but I conscionable consciousness truthful assured and truthful bully astir what I’ve gotten to spot from the amusement truthful far. I deliberation they’re going to beryllium happy.

Why bash you deliberation radical are truthful drawn to that dynamic betwixt them?
Marianly Tejada: Thank you for that question due to the fact that it’s 1 of my favourite ones. As I get to deliberation much astir her process and the scripts that we person gotten, I deliberation Bronwyn and Nate are 2 precise beardown individuals. This is simply a amusement wherever the nerd has immoderate sass and strength. She doesn’t shy distant from that. She knows that that’s her strength, and she’s not going to fto anyone marque her consciousness atrocious astir it truthful owning that and Nate, connected the different hand, is besides a ace beardown individual. You person them beryllium truthful attracted to each different due to the fact that they’re truthful opposite, but aft this precise traumatic lawsuit that they experienced together, they find a abstraction wherever they tin beryllium susceptible with each different and besides fortify each different to spell astir this brainsick chaos that is their lives since the decease of Simon. I deliberation they’re precise protective of each different arsenic good and that’s conscionable truthful compelling to spot 2 radical attraction for each different successful a precise truthful and heavy way.

There is an inherent spot betwixt them, adjacent from the beginning, and that truly carries done astatine the extremity of the day. They some yet cognize the different didn’t bash it. 
Marianly Tejada: I deliberation particularly Bronwyn due to the fact that Nate has had a grounds with the constabulary before. He’s the troubled character. She knows that if she doesn’t spell to lengths to support him that helium could truly conscionable beryllium successful existent trouble.

Marianly TejadaMarianly Tejada and Melissa Collazo arsenic Bronwyn and Maeve. (Peacock)

Another halfway facet of Bronwyn is her narration with her sister Maeve. Willl we get to dive deeper into that relationship?
Marianly Tejada: One 100 percent. I perfectly adore Melissa Collazo, who plays my small sister. She’s an unthinkable histrion and conscionable gave maine truthful much. I volition accidental that astir apt immoderate of my favourite scenes successful the amusement were with her conscionable due to the fact that there’s that precise sisterly dynamic. Maeve is besides very, precise beardown successful this show. She has her ain property and her ain beingness that I’m truly excited for radical to get to spot arsenic well. Also, determination are immoderate fiery things successful determination arsenic good betwixt them.

With Bronwyn, what was it similar exploring the pressures of a precocious schoolhouse girl, particularly 1 of color, and the expectations placed connected her to beryllium astatine the apical of her class? 
Marianly Tejada: I deliberation that what I emotion astir astir exploring those things is that you person her parents who are immigrants. They person had to enactment really, truly hard to beryllium successful, and they are successful. So the information that they reached a definite level of success, there’s much unit for Bronwyn arsenic a girl of 2 palmy immigrants to conscionable enactment hard and astir transcend what they’ve done and accomplished. And past there’s the broadside of Maeve, who’s successful remission from crab and has flooded a terminal illness. I deliberation Bronwyn’s bosom is decidedly Maeve, and a batch of the spot of her comes from Maeve overcoming cancer. She’s like, I tin virtually bash thing that I acceptable my caput to. She’s the strongest idiosyncratic successful my life. If she did that, what can’t I do? But past she truly thinks that she tin bash it all, and that’s wherever the troubles statesman and the small cracks commencement appearing due to the fact that she’s not perfect, and she should cognize that it’s good to inquire for help. It’s good to not person everything unneurotic each the time. She truly takes that relation of the older sister precise earnestly and to beryllium to her parents that she could besides transportation connected the bequest of the Rojas.