Opals legend's damning call on Cambage

3 days ago

Opals fable Michele Timms believes Elizabeth Cambage's exit from the Tokyo Olympics whitethorn beryllium for the best, claiming the WNBA All-Star has "tarnished" the estimation of the Australian women's nationalist hoops team.

Last week Cambage withdrew from the squad for the Tokyo Olympics citing wellness reasons, but since past Basketball Australia officially opened an investigation for what has been deemed a "breach of the integrity model and codification of conduct".

Cambage confirmed that she was progressive successful a carnal altercation during the pre-Olympics scrimmage against Nigeria, but suggested that rumours surrounding the incidental person gotten retired of hand.


Timms, who coached Cambage astatine Bulleen, didn't remark connected the Las Vegas Aces star's heartbreaking intelligence wellness admission, but was captious of her behaviour successful general.

"It's evidently a immense disappointment," Timms, who is successful the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, told SEN.

"But it's getting to a stage, wherever I've surely said it, that capable is enough.

"Prior to this, Liz has tarnished thing that we've worked truthful hard for, the players who person travel earlier that wore the greenish and golden person worked truthful hard connected the civilization and the mode we privation to beryllium remembered successful the assemblage and the bequest that players earlier america person left.

"It was hugely disappointing to spot the behaviour of Liz and what seemingly has gone on.

"Once again, she's brought the greenish and golden and the Opals into the spotlight for the incorrect reasons."

Elizabeth Cambage during the Women's Gold Medal Game astatine the Commonwealth Games (Getty)

Timms extraordinarily said she would similar to spot the Opals miss retired connected an Olympic medal than person their estimation jeopardised.

"To maine personally, I can't talk for anyone else, but enough's capable - we can't judge this anymore," Timms said.

"Quite frankly, I'd alternatively not triumph a medal than triumph this mode with idiosyncratic who is perpetually successful the quality for the incorrect reasons unfortunately.

"When your teammates get unneurotic and say, 'Enough's enough', that's the biggest indicator that you're not acting arsenic expected successful a squad situation."

In a connection confirming her departure from the Opals Olympic squad, Cambage said she "wished the squad well" arsenic she focuses connected her health.

"Anyone that knows maine knows 1 of my biggest dreams is winning an Olympic golden medal with the Opals. Every jock competing successful the Olympic games should beryllium astatine their intelligence and carnal peak, and astatine the moment," she said.

"I'm a agelong mode from wherever I privation and request to be.

"It's nary concealed that successful the past I've struggled with my intelligence wellness and precocious I've been truly disquieted astir heading into a "bubble" Olympics. No family. No friends. No fans. No enactment strategy extracurricular of my team. It's honestly terrifying for me. The past period I person been having panic attacks, not sleeping and not eating.

"Relying connected regular medicine to power my anxiousness is not the spot I privation to beryllium close now. Especially walking into contention connected the world's biggest sporting stage.

"I cognize myself, and I cognize I can't beryllium the Liz everyone deserves to spot vie for the Opals. Not close present astatine least. I request to instrumentality attraction of myself mentally and physically.

"It breaks my bosom to denote I'm withdrawing from the Olympics, but I deliberation it's champion for the Opals and myself. I privation them thing but the champion of luck successful Tokyo and I anticipation they spell distant and triumph a golden medal. Love and light," she concluded.

Michele Timms played successful the WNBA for the Phoenix Mercury (Getty)

Timms played successful the WNBA from 1997-2001 and made the All-Star squad successful 1999. She besides represented Australia astatine the Olympics successful Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000, winning bronze and metallic medals.

Despite Cambage expressing her enactment for the team, Timms said she would not prime the centre for the Opals successful the future.

"I would accidental no, there'd person to beryllium a batch of alteration connected her behalf," Timms said.

"If it was me, and if I had thing to bash with it, I'm not definite I'd privation her backmost successful the greenish and golden until she tin alteration her ways a small bit."

The Opals statesman their Olympic run successful Tokyo adjacent Tuesday against Belgium astatine 6.20pm (AEST).

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