‘Outer Banks’ Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

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After that jaw-dropping finale, ‘Outer Banks’ play 3 has to happen, right? ‘Outer Banks’ remains 1 of Netflix’s astir fashionable shows. Here’s what you should cognize astir a imaginable 3rd season.

Outer Banks became THE show of 2020 aft its epic debut. The quarantine deed proved it wasn’t conscionable a one-hit-wonder erstwhile the amusement returned for play 2 successful July 2021. The play 2 finale near things wide unfastened for a 3rd season. Fans privation and request more!

So, is play 3 happening? Netflix hasn’t announced anything yet, but the show’s 2nd play was (and inactive is) a large success. HollywoodLife has each the latest updates astir Outer Banks play 3.

Outer BanksSarah, Kiara, Pope, JJ, and John B successful play 2. (Netflix)

The Show So Far

Outer Banks takes spot in, you guessed it, the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The amusement follows John B and his radical of friends, a.k.a. the Pogues, who extremity up connected the treasure hunt of their lives erstwhile they spell connected a hunt for John B’s missing father. The Pogues extremity up uncovering $400 cardinal worthy of gold. Along the way, John B falls successful emotion with Sarah Cameron, the girl of the precise affluent and precise almighty Ward Cameron.

Season 1 ended with the Pogues, Ward, Rafe, Topper, and much reasoning John B and Sarah perished successful a tropical storm. John B had been connected the tally aft being framed for sidesplitting Sheriff Peterkin. Rafe was the 1 to termination Peterkin, and Ward helped screen up his son’s crime. John B and Sarah’s vessel did clang successful the storm, but they survived and were picked up connected a vessel bound for the Bahamas.

Season 2 recovered John B and Sarah inactive connected the tally erstwhile they reached the Bahamas. Sarah astir mislaid her beingness aft being changeable by Rafe. John B and Sarah yet reunited with the different Pogues, and the hunt for the golden continued. Pope truly took halfway signifier successful the 2nd play arsenic helium learned that helium is related to Denmark Tanney, the lone idiosyncratic to past The Royal Merchant shipwreck. The Pogues met Carla Limbrey, a Charleston socialite dead-set connected getting her hands connected the Cross of Santo Domingo’s healing shroud, which was connected The Royal Merchant.

When it looked similar Ward and Rafe would yet person to wage for their crimes, Ward blew himself up connected his boat. Well, it appeared helium did. Ward really faked his death. The Pogues ended up connected a vessel taking Ward and his household retired of the country. John B had an aggravated confrontation with Ward that near Ward gravely injured.

Outer BanksThe Pogues (and caller Pogue Cleo) successful ‘Poguelandia.’ (Netflix)

The Pogues, on with Cleo, near down the Cross of Santo Domingo with Rafe and escaped connected a lifeboat. They ended up connected a deserted land adjacent they declared “Poguelandia.” The last moments of play 2 featured Carla Limbrey successful Barbados to conscionable up with nary different than… John B’s dad!

Aside from the treasure hunt news, Pope and Kiara got unneurotic successful play 1 and divided mutually successful the 2nd season. In the play 2 finale, JJ was knocked overboard during a fight, and Kiara jumped successful to prevention him. After this near-death experience, things seemed to truly displacement for Kiara and JJ. They besides talked astir going connected a surf travel together.

Earlier successful the season, JJ decided to assistance retired his begetter 1 past time, adjacent though his dada didn’t merit it. He helped his dada get retired of municipality earlier helium could get sent backmost to jail.

John B and Sarah got joined portion successful the Bahamas, but their narration took a crook aft Ward’s evident death. While Sarah was devastated by the explosion, John B looked pleased to spot Ward die. Thankfully, these 2 reconciled by the extremity of the season.

‘Outer Banks’ Season 3

Netflix has not confirmed Outer Banks play 3 arsenic of September 2021. The show’s 2nd play launched connected July 30 and rapidly roseate to the apical of Netflix’s most-watched rankings. The teen play was the most-viewed amusement connected Nielsen’s list, with 1,160 cardinal views from August 9 done August 15, according to IndieWire.

When the archetypal play premiered successful April 2020, a 2nd play wasn’t announced until July 2020. If a play 3 renewal follows that pattern, Netflix could denote a 3rd play successful October 2021. If the amusement is renewed, play 3 wouldn’t premiere until astatine slightest 2022.

Season 3 Cast

Outer Banks play 3 would undoubtedly prima the halfway Pogues — Chase Stokes arsenic John B, Madelyn Cline arsenic Sarah, Madison Bailey arsenic Kiara, Jonathan Daviss arsenic Pope, and Rudy Pankow arsenic JJ. Given the ending of play 2, caller Pogue Cleo, played by Carlacia Grant, would apt instrumentality arsenic well.

Carlacia GrantCarlacia Grant joined the amusement arsenic Cleo. (Netflix)

Rafe was inactive serving up occupation astatine the extremity of play 2, and breakout prima Drew Starkey would astir apt beryllium coming back. Ward managed to past his combat with John B, truthful Charles Esten’s instrumentality is beauteous overmuch a definite bet, too.

Season 2 ended with a large cliffhanger: Big John is alive. Charles Halford and Elizabeth Mitchell’s Carla Limbrey person unfinished concern and a 3rd play would supply them with ample clip to instrumentality attraction of it all. As for caller formed members, those would beryllium revealed successful owed time.

Season 3 Theories

There are plentifulness of theories fans person travel up with that could beryllium explored successful a imaginable play 3. One of the astir fashionable theories to travel retired of play 2 is that the healing shroud Carla Limbrey is looking for is hiding successful plain sight. The shroud is really the bandana that John B wears astir his neck, according to 1 Reddit theory.

Outer BanksJohn B (with his bandana) and Sarah successful play 2. (Netflix)

“Remember erstwhile John B got bitten by a crocodile and tied his necktie astir his leg. I person a feeling that the necktie was portion of the shroud due to the fact that if the fable is true, his limb truly did get healed due to the fact that aft a portion helium was good to run, locomotion and adjacent leap implicit walls,” the mentation read.

Another large mentation is Carla Limbrey’s imaginable familial transportation to 1 of the formed members. TikTok idiosyncratic zbennettt posted a mentation saying Carla is actually John B’s mom. However, the grounds isn’t truly there. But Carla could beryllium a comparative of John B’s and perchance his aunt. As HollywoodLife wrote backmost successful August, John B’s ma whitethorn person been Carla’s sister.

This isn’t a theory, but much of a enactment fans person made portion watching (and rewatching) the series. Some fans, particularly connected TikTok, person noticed the wide chemistry betwixt Kiara and Rafe. JJ had a visceral absorption successful play 1 erstwhile Rafe said, “Tell Kiara she looks beauteous blistery for a Pogue.” There was besides that infinitesimal astatine the movie screening successful the archetypal season. Could thing person happened betwixt them successful the past? Time volition tell!

‘Outer Banks’ Cast & Crew Reaction

The Outer Banks EPs person laid the groundwork for aboriginal seasons already, and determination are ample storylines to explore. Jonas Pate told TVLine successful July 2021 that the Outer Banks EPs don’t person a “master plan” for play 3 conscionable yet. Josh Pate besides explained precisely what Big John’s instrumentality means for the show.

“The treasure-hunt facet of the amusement is thing that we spot arsenic important and integral to the show,” Josh said. “And bringing him back, we realized possibly determination was a mode to [combine] these antithetic treasures that they’re going aft into a larger mythology.” He added, “We thought that Big John’s instrumentality would beryllium a mode we could excavate immoderate of that.”

Outer BanksJJ and Kiara successful play 2. (Netflix)

For each the Jiara shippers retired there, play 3 would beryllium the play of JJ and Kiara. “Teen romance and teen soap are a large portion of the show,” Josh told Entertainment Weekly. “We wanted to research the Ki-Pope narration but obviously, we’re alert of however the fans consciousness astir JJ and Ki. We wanted to tease that for the 3rd season. We didn’t privation to bash it immediately, but we decidedly privation to bash it conscionable due to the fact that that took america by surprise, similar the audience’s absorption to JJ and Kiara and rooting for that romance. So we were instantly unfastened to it, due to the fact that it seems similar an absorbing thought to research but we benignant of near it for play 3.”

With Big John backmost successful the picture, that could supply immoderate large father-son play successful play 3. It was his prime to spell retired and permission his son, and what does that look like? What does it look similar erstwhile a kid comes face-to-face with a genitor who’s near and chose to enactment him successful these circumstances and has nary thought what has happened successful the meantime?” Chase Stokes told TVLine.

The showrunners decidedly privation to dive into much romance successful play 3, akin to the archetypal season. “That was 1 happening we truly loved astir play 1 that’s little of an constituent of play 2 that we truly privation to get backmost to,” Josh told EW. “That was the plan, benignant of architecting the characters towards opening up immoderate romances successful play 3.” Shannon Burke added, “In general, we were fundamentally changeable retired of a canon successful play 2. And we privation to person a small much country for similar our teen play and teen romances successful play 3, conscionable arsenic a wide principle.”