Oxfam calls for an end to billionaire 'bonanza,' say millions are falling into extreme poverty

1 month ago

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A caller billionaire emerged each 30 hours during the Covid-19 pandemic, and astir a cardinal could autumn into extreme poorness astatine astir the aforesaid complaint successful 2022. Those are the sobering statistic precocious released by Oxfam.

There were 573 much billionaires successful the satellite by March 2022 than successful 2020, erstwhile the pandemic began, the planetary foundation said successful a little that was published connected Monday, the archetypal time of the World Economic Forum acme successful Davos, Switzerland. That equates to 1 caller billionaire each 30 hours, Oxfam said.

On apical of that, it estimated that 263 cardinal radical could beryllium pushed into utmost levels of poorness successful 2022 due to the fact that of the pandemic, increasing planetary inequality and rising nutrient prices that person been exacerbated by the warfare successful Ukraine. That's the equivalent of astir a cardinal radical each 33 hours, Oxfam said.

The enactment pointed retired that billionaires were collectively worthy $12.7 trillion arsenic of March. In 2021, billionaire wealthiness represented the equivalent of astir 14% of planetary gross home product.

Gabriela Bucher, enforcement manager of Oxfam International, said that billionaires were arriving astatine the Davos acme to "celebrate an unthinkable surge successful their fortunes."

"The pandemic and present the steep increases successful nutrient and vigor prices have, simply put, been a bonanza for them," she said.

"Meanwhile, decades of advancement connected utmost poorness are present successful reverse and millions of radical are facing intolerable rises successful the outgo of simply staying alive," Bucher added.

Pandemic windfalls

Honing successful connected soaring wealthiness successful circumstantial concern sectors, Oxfam said the fortunes of nutrient and vigor billionaires roseate by $453 cardinal successful the past 2 years, equating to $1 cardinal each 2 days.

For instance, nutrient elephantine Cargill was reported to beryllium 1 of 4 companies that power much than 70% of planetary cultivation market, Oxfam said. The corporation, owned by the Cargill family, generated a nett income of astir $5 cardinal past twelvemonth — the biggest nett successful its history. There are present 12 billionaires successful the Cargill household alone, it said, up from 8 anterior to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Oxfam said the pandemic created 40 caller billionaires successful the pharmaceuticals sector. The billionaires are those who profited from their companies' monopolies implicit vaccines, treatments, tests and idiosyncratic protective equipment.

In bid to forestall adjacent starker wealthiness inequality, and to enactment radical with rising nutrient and vigor costs, Oxfam recommended that governments enforce one-off solidarity taxes connected the pandemic windfalls of billionaires.

Ending 'crisis profiteering'?

The foundation besides suggested that governments extremity "crisis profiteering" by introducing a 90% impermanent excess nett taxation connected the windfalls generated by large corporations crossed each sectors.

Oxfam besides projected a imperishable taxation to rein successful utmost wealth, monopoly powerfulness and the higher c emissions produced by the super-rich.

It said that an yearly wealthiness taxation starting astatine 2% connected millionaires and 5% connected billionaires could make $2.52 trillion a year. That would beryllium capable to assistance 2.3 cardinal radical retired of poverty, marque capable vaccines for the planetary population, arsenic good arsenic present cosmopolitan wellness attraction and societal extortion for those surviving successful debased and lower-middle income countries.

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