Pamela Anderson ‘Mortified’ By New Hulu Series ‘Pam & Tommy’: She ‘Didn’t’ Want It Made

3 months ago


January 28, 2022 5:33PM EST

The premiere of ‘Pam and Tommy’ is upon us, and apparently, Pamela Anderson herself is not excessively blessed astir its release.

Ahead of the merchandise of Pam and Tommy, which airs connected Feb. 2 connected Hulu, sources adjacent to Pamela Anderson are revealing EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife how the histrion feels astir the situation. “Pamela is not a instrumentality of this astatine each and wanted thing to bash with the project,” our insider revealed. “When she learned that this would beryllium covering the burglary, she was perfectly mortified due to the fact that that full occurrence is thing that was precise hard for her to woody with erstwhile it happened. She said that she is not going to ticker ‘Pam & Tommy’ and she does not privation her kids to ticker it either. She didn’t privation wealth from this – she didn’t privation it to beryllium made successful the archetypal spot and she is not going to respond to it.”

Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson attends the ‘Diner De La Mode’ to Benefit Sidaction, Haute Couture Fashion Week, Paris, France, 2019 (Jacques BENAROCH/SIPA/Shutterstock).

An further root noted that the Baywatch star felt “completely disregarded” erstwhile it came to the making of the series and couldn’t assistance but “see the irony” successful the full situation. “Pam was violated erstwhile once the portion was initially stolen years agone and now, she feels similar her privateness is being robbed from her erstwhile again,” different root adjacent to the 54-year-old stated. “She is shocked that Hulu is putting retired thing that she had nary accidental successful whatsoever erstwhile it’s based connected her life. She would similar to disassociate herself from it arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable and conscionable wants to unrecorded her life.”

Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee (Shutterstock).

In contrast, a root connected to Tommy Lee, 59, noted the Mötley Crüe instrumentalist was “[not] truthful bothered” by the upcoming amusement and “doesn’t rather understand” wherefore Pam has specified harsh feelings astir it. “He is good with it and thinks that it is rad that helium is being portrayed successful a bid connected Hulu. He volition ticker it for sure,” the insider shared. “Tommy loves that helium is simply a celebrated rocker. He embraces his past and cannot judge the things that they got distant with. His views connected his past are rather antithetic from Pam’s views and, though they stock children together, they person ever been connected rocky terms. They are precise antithetic radical now.”

The Hulu bid tells the communicative of Pam and Tommy’s infamous enactment tape from their honeymoon that followed their Feb. 19, 1995 wedding. The portion was stolen successful a robbery by their erstwhile electrician, Rand Gauthier, and yet circulated for profit. The mates took enactment by filing a $10 cardinal suit to halt anyone from making a nett disconnected the sensitive, backstage video.