Paris & Kathy Hilton Break Down In Tears Over Boarding School Abuse On ‘Drew Barrymore Show’ — Watch

3 months ago


January 28, 2022 6:51PM EST

Paris Hilton and ma Kathy Hilton revisited immoderate trauma — and healing — successful their latest quality connected ‘The Drew Barrymore Show.’

While appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show on Jan. 28, Paris Hilton and mom Kathy Hilton shared an affectional moment. When talking astir Paris’s documentary This is Paris and the maltreatment she suffered arsenic boarding schoolhouse teenager, the mother-daughter duo teared up.

“We don’t get a pamphlet. Everybody tries to bash the champion they tin and I americium truthful arrogant of her and, tin you imaging not knowing and her holding that in? All that time,” said Kathy. “It’s been a roller coaster emotionally for maine and this is not astir me, this is each astir Paris. Even a week ago, I started crying.”
The Hilton matriarch continued, “I look astatine her successful a antithetic way. I look astatine her present and I conscionable spot this, yes, she’s beautiful, but wrong there’s pain. And it breaks my heart.” After the intimate comment, the brace got choked up and hugged each different successful a saccharine embrace.

Looking back, Kathy recalled downplaying however overmuch her daughter said she “hated” boarding schoolhouse backmost successful the day, adjacent aft Paris said she was having nightmares simply being there.

Kathy past reflected connected however overmuch she utilized to disregard her daughter’s concerns aft Paris said she “hated” boarding schoolhouse — adjacent erstwhile the young teen was having nightmares astir the experience. “I’d say, ‘Paris, you were naughty, you didn’t listen, I had to get you retired of New York and I don’t wanna perceive it!'” Kathy stated. “And past to find this retired … I volition termination for my children. You wanna fool with my kids? Let maine archer you!”

Paris Hilton, Kathy HiltonParis & Kathy Hilton astatine the Glam App Launch, LA, 2019 (Broadimage/Shutterstock).

Paris’s doc, which came retired Sept. 14, 2020, went into sedate item astir what the entrepreneur endured arsenic a teen. In the trailer for the doc, Paris is shown taking disconnected her constitution and crawling nether the covers of her furniture arsenic she explains successful a dependable over, “I don’t adjacent cognize who I americium sometimes. I didn’t utilized to beryllium that way.” She’s past seen successful videos from her youth, arsenic Paris admits, “Something happened successful my puerility that I’ve ne'er talked astir with anyone.”

“The lone happening that saved my sanity was reasoning astir who I wanted to go erstwhile I got retired of there. I conscionable created this marque and this persona and this character, and I’ve been stuck with her ever since,” the heiress goes connected to explain, referring to her enactment miss representation and “spoiled airhead” that she portrayed on her aboriginal aughts Fox world series The Simple Life.