'Pathetic' love triangle revenge claims slammed

1 month ago

Olympic champion Kyle Chalmers says it's unfair to overgarment him arsenic "the villain" who stole Cody Simpson's spot successful the Australian squad for the upcoming satellite championships, and described reports that a emotion triangle was down his backflip arsenic "pathetic."

Simpson finished 3rd successful the 100m butterfly astatine the Australian Swimming Championships, down Matthew Temple and Chalmers.

At the time, it was believed that Chalmers would skip the satellite titles, meaning Simpson could person claimed 1 of the 2 spots connected the team, having swum the qualifying time.

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But the 23-year-old has present confirmed he's contemplating a U-turn, and whitethorn alternatively instrumentality his spot connected the team, meaning Simpson would miss out.

His backflip prompted suggestions of revenge for the information Simpson is reportedly dating aquatics queen Emma McKeon, who was linked to Chalmers past year.

Speaking to 2Day FM's Hughesy, Ed & Erin, Chalmers said the rumours were rubbish.

"It's hugely pathetic. It's the biggest gag I've ever heard to beryllium honorable with you," helium said.

"I started retired a butterflyer. I've wanted to beryllium a butterflyer my full career, my assemblage conscionable hasn't allowed maine to.

Kyle Chalmers finished 2nd successful the 100m butterfly astatine the nationalist titles. (Getty)

"For maine being capable to conscionable aquatics butterfly is truthful peculiar and thing I'm truthful arrogant of ... to beryllium capable to spell backmost to the lawsuit I grew up loving and doing is each the information I need.

"Unfortunately I'm the 1 who has to basal up and apologise and beryllium made retired to beryllium the villain erstwhile each I've done is fixed everything to my athletics and fixed everything to my state implicit this past eight-year play I've been successful the Australian swimming team."

Speaking to reporters successful Adelaide, the 2016 Rio golden medallist said he'll marque a telephone connected the satellite titles implicit the weekend.

"For me, I person to person a superior sit-down with my manager and squad astir maine and person that treatment implicit these adjacent mates of days," Chalmers said.

"Obviously I look astatine my mentation 8 weeks agone and I wasn't successful the excavation astatine all, perchance not going to aquatics astatine all, perchance possibly ne'er adjacent going to aquatics again. My shoulders were successful a full batch of pain. I was highly burnt out.

Cody Simpson is successful enactment for a spot successful the Australian Commonwealth Games squad. (Getty)

"I deliberation [going to worlds] is going to beryllium the champion happening for maine personally moving forward."

Chalmers said it would beryllium unfair to overgarment the concern arsenic a Chalmers vs Simpson scenario.

"You can't marque maine retired to beryllium the villain," Chalmers said. "Yeah, it's unfortunate that it astir apt takes Cody's spot distant but it besides takes distant 5 different guys' [places] who were successful the race. It's not conscionable Cody.

"I deliberation the hard happening is my grooming buddy Matt Temple is the Australian grounds holder who won back-to-back titles past night. There is nary attraction oregon hype astir him which is for maine what I conflict the astir with. It's large determination is eyes connected maine and Cody. The eyes merit to beryllium connected Matt Temple."

While Chalmers' backflip would propulsion Simpson disconnected the squad for June's satellite titles successful Budapest, the popular prima is inactive successful enactment for a spot connected the squad for the Commonwealth Games successful Birmingham, wherever Australia tin instrumentality up to 3 swimmers successful each event.

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