Peng propaganda claims 'complete nonsense'

1 week ago

International Olympic Committee heavyweight Dick Pound has called disapproval of the organisation's handling of the Peng Shuai saga "complete nonsense."

The IOC has been nether fire for allegedly ignoring superior quality rights violations, up of the Winter Olympics successful Beijing successful 2022.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has accused the IOC of collaborating with Chinese authorities connected Peng's reappearance.

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The 35-year-old, who had been missing for astir 3 weeks, took portion successful a video telephone with IOC brag Thomas Bach connected the weekend.

"What the IOC established is that quiescent and discreet diplomacy gets you amended than clashing cymbals," Pound said.

CNN conception reveals frightening information down China's censorship

"That's not the mode you woody with immoderate country, surely not with China.

"To impeach the IOC of being complicit with a Chinese propaganda effort built astir Peng is implicit nonsense."

Peng disappeared from nationalist presumption aft a societal media station wherever she accused a 75-year-old elder Chinese authoritative of intersexual assault.

That station rapidly vanished, arsenic did Peng, starring galore to question what had happened to her.

Peng Shuai astatine the 2020 Australian Open. (Getty)

A big of starring figures successful the tennis satellite weighed in, from satellite No.1 Novak Djokovic to erstwhile stars Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova.

The WTA Tour has threatened to boycott China unless determination is simply a afloat and unfastened probe into the allegations.

The circuit said Bach's telephone with Peng didn't alleviate their concerns for her safety.

According to Pound, successful really speaking to Peng, the IOC has done much for the tennis subordinate than the WTA.

"First and foremost, a batch of radical astir the satellite were acrophobic that thing mightiness person happened to Peng," Pound said.

IOC authoritative Dick Pound. (Getty)

"The IOC was the lone organisation capable to get done to her and alleviate immoderate of those concerns.

"That was a large measurement forward, it's measurement 1 - you're not going to resoluteness the harassment allegations successful the people of a 30-minute telephone telephone without the different enactment being determination but we cognize that she is good and steadfast and seems successful bully spirits and is spending clip with household and friends."

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