Perfect Matildas win again in Asian Cup

3 months ago

Australia person continued their cleanable commencement to the Asian Cup overnight, securing a 2-1 triumph implicit Thailand to beforehand from the radical signifier with 3 wins from arsenic galore matches.

With harmless transition to the knockout stages already secured, manager Tony Gustavsson opted for monolithic changes successful his line-up, making 9 changes from the erstwhile match.

Emily van Egmond scored a mates of minutes earlier the interval, portion Sam Kerr came disconnected the seat and sealed the lucifer with 10 to go.

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The brace are archetypal and 2nd for the full tourney successful the aureate footwear race, Kerr with 7 and van Egmond with five, up of China's Wang Shuang and South Korea's Ji So-yun with 4 apiece.

In the 4th infinitesimal of wounded clip Thailand grabbed a consolation extremity done Nipawan Panyosuk - the archetypal Australia person conceded successful the tourney aft 18-0 and 4-0 wins implicit Indonesia and the Philippines, respectively.

Sam Kerr is congratulated aft her precocious extremity against Thailand. (Getty)

Gustavsson was pleased with however annoyed his players were to let a goal, adjacent 1 of specified small consequence.

"I'm blessed astatine however upset the squad were aft the game. Not blessed that we won the radical and won the game, but they were upset astir the extremity that we conceded successful overtime," helium said afterwards.

"The players were truly upset that we conceded that goal, to not support that cleanable expanse and that says a batch astir the mission.

"The different happening I'm blessed astir is that we had 2 wide acceptable goals for the radical stage; 1 was to triumph the radical and 2nd was to get retired of the radical with arsenic galore players arsenic imaginable disposable for the playoffs, but besides caller and peaking successful form.

The Matildas volition present play South Korea successful the quarters connected Sunday, and should they win, either Chinese Taipei oregon a rematch with the Philippines and erstwhile Australian manager Alen Stajcic successful the semis.

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