Police admit to driving right past the shooter and other failures in responding to the Texas school massacre

4 weeks ago

People mourn the victims of the wide shooting astatine Robb Elementary School, successful beforehand of the Uvalde County Courthouse, Texas, May 26, 2022.

Veronica Cardenas | Reuters

Police admitted to a stunning drawstring of failures — including driving close by the gunman — successful responding to the Texas schoolhouse shooting portion children were being massacred inside, with the caput of the state's Department of Public Safety saying the clip for making excuses astir the botched effect was over.

The Friday quality league came aft days of confusion, inconsistencies and a muddled timeline of instrumentality enforcement's effect to the rampage astatine Robb Elementary School successful Uvalde, Texas.

Speaking connected the hold successful breaching the schoolroom wherever the shooter was, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw said that "from the payment of hindsight wherever I'm sitting now, of people it was not the close decision. It was the incorrect decision. There's nary excuse for that." 

"There were children successful that schoolroom that were inactive astatine risk," helium added.

McCraw besides revealed that the gunman entered the schoolhouse done a backmost doorway helium recovered propped unfastened and that astatine slightest 100 shots were fired successful the harrowing attack.

Among the much stark revelations astatine the quality conference:

  • A schoolhouse assets serviceman was not already stationed astatine the school. When helium arrived astatine the scene, helium inadvertently passed the shooter, who was crouched down adjacent to a car.
  • The backmost doorway of the schoolhouse was propped unfastened by a teacher. This is however the gunman made entry. 
  • One hopeless 911 telephone came from a small miss successful a schoolroom the gunman stormed. "Please nonstop the constabulary now," she said.
  • At slightest 2 children called 911 pleading for help. They survived the shooting, McCraw said.
  • McCraw said the on-scene commandant believed "this was a barricaded taxable situation" and did not deliberation determination were "more children astatine risk."
  • Fifty-eight magazines were recovered. Three were connected the shooter's body, 2 were recovered successful schoolroom 112 and six successful schoolroom 111. Five others were recovered connected the ground, and 1 was successful the firearm the gunman wielded. 
  • The shooter asked his sister to bargain him a weapon successful September 2021 and she refused.
  • The gunman made respective alarming posts connected Instagram. In a radical chat of 4 radical successful March, helium made comments astir buying a gun. 
  • On March 14, he posted connected Instagram "10 much days." When a idiosyncratic asked if helium was going to sprout up a school, helium said: "No. Stop asking dumb questions and you'll see."

McCraw was overwhelmed with reporters demanding an mentation into the clip hold successful breaching the classroom.

"A determination was made that this was a barricaded taxable situation, determination was clip to retrieve the keys and hold for a tactical squad with the instrumentality to spell up and breach the doorway and instrumentality connected the taxable astatine that point," helium explained. "That was the decision, that was the thought process astatine that peculiar constituent successful time."

Texas instrumentality enforcement officials person been nether aggravated scrutiny for their handling of the onslaught aft it was revealed that it took implicit an hr to halt the shooter. Uvalde Police Department allegedly prevented agents from Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement who arrived astatine the schoolhouse betwixt 12 p.m. and 12:10 p.m. — earlier than antecedently reported — from going inside, 2 officials told the New York Times on the information of anonymity. It's not wide wherefore they weren't allowed to participate the school. NBC News has not independently verified the report.

Officials said Thursday that responding officers waited for backup earlier moving successful arsenic the gunman was holed up successful a schoolroom — a determination 1 adept called "disgusting." 

They besides revealed that the gunman was not confronted by a school constabulary officer upon arriving and entered the gathering unobstructed. Police said earlier that a schoolhouse assets serviceman had confronted the shooter earlier helium entered the building.

The massacre is the latest successful a spate of deadly shootings successful which Black, Asian and Latino communities have been targeted. The shooting Tuesday has torn astatine the bosom of the tightknit assemblage successful Uvalde, conscionable an hr thrust northeast of the Mexican borderline and location to a ample Latino community.

And it has erstwhile again spurred statement implicit weapon rights successful Texas, a authorities with immoderate of the astir vigilant Second Amendment defenders successful power.

On Friday, thousands of weapon owners, protesters and salient Republicans touched down successful Houston for the National Rifle Association's yearly meeting — conscionable 3 days aft the Uvalde tragedy. About 70,000 radical are expected to be the normal implicit 3 days. 

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was scheduled to code the convention, but skipped the lawsuit to instrumentality to Uvalde.

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