Pollution is the forgotten global crisis and we need to tackle it now

3 months ago
Environment | Comment 26 January 2022

By Graham Lawton

2BNF11C Garbage astatine  the Ant Flat Landfill successful  Wallowa County, Oregon.

Leon Werdinger/Alamy Stock Photo

IN THE lead-up to Christmas, my household began to consciousness similar a severely managed waste-processing facility. We planned to walk clip with susceptible relatives, truthful were keeping a adjacent oculus connected our covid-19 status. Each lateral travel trial generated 7 items of non-recyclable waste, which piled up successful the bath until I spot the integrative slug and binned the lot. They are now, presumably, successful landfill.

The pandemic whitethorn person temporarily chopped planetary depletion and greenhouse state emissions, but from a contamination perspective, it has spawned an almighty mess. It became wide aboriginal connected that ample quantities of discarded masks …