Pop Superstar Amber Liu Shares How Upcoming EP Was A ‘Journey’ Of Self-Discovery

3 weeks ago

Global popular sensation Amber Liu is backmost with a caller EP, and she tells HollywoodLife however her forthcoming ‘Z!’ EP came astir from exploring ‘a caller broadside of myself’ portion discovering who ‘Amber Liu’ truly is.

Three is simply a magic number, and Amber Liu volition formed a spell portion completing the trilogy with Z!, the 3rd successful a bid that began with 2019’s X and 2021’s y?. To assistance Amber’s fans get hyped for this upcoming EP, the Chinese-American popular prima is taking everyone to “Paradise.” With a neon-glowing bassline that radiates axenic funk, “Paradise” has Amber “take the past / propulsion it back” to “live successful the contiguous / you and me” portion cruising done Malibu. “With ‘Paradise,’ I was coating a representation of things being perfect,” Amber shares with HollywoodLife over email. “I’m a hopeless romantic, what tin I say?”

That optimism tin beryllium recovered connected Amber’s upcoming release, on with immoderate heavy introspection. “I consciousness similar with Z! I realized connected this journey, I didn’t truly cognize who “Amber Liu” [was.] I was struggling with “not knowing the answer.” Sometimes you conscionable don’t cognize the answers oregon person the solutions, but it doesn’t person to beryllium a atrocious thing,” she tells HollywoodLife. Amber said that during this past year, she recovered herself astatine a crossroads and was “falling into atrocious habits.” So, she focused connected penning and “explored a caller broadside of myself” portion allowing her to amusement her “most authentic and vulnerable” broadside successful this caller music.

During the EXCLUSIVE interview, Amber shares what “experimentation” fans tin expect with the caller EP, however she felt astir speaking retired connected the pressures of the K-Pop world, and the important crushed she records galore songs successful Mandarin.

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HollywoodLife: There’s a wide scope of emotions connected your past EP y?. “Complicated” is precise melancholic and bittersweet, portion “neon” is playful and upbeat. And you present person this song, “Paradise.” Despite each the precise antithetic sounds connected these EP’s, would you accidental Z! has 1 cohesive taxable oregon connection you volition beryllium trying to send? 

Amber Liu: I’m ever trying to experiment. I deliberation done the process of X, past y? and present Z!, I was conscionable trying to beryllium “me.” Learning the meaning of self-love has been a conflict haha. I consciousness similar with Z! I realized connected this journey, I didn’t truly cognize who “Amber Liu” [was.] I was struggling with “not knowing the answer.” Sometimes you conscionable don’t cognize the answers oregon person the solutions, but it doesn’t person to beryllium a atrocious thing. Accepting that chaos is simply a portion of beingness has helped maine dilatory down a batch and effort to find positivity erstwhile things look grim. I anticipation everyone struggling with that knows that they aren’t alone, and a batch of the time, answers travel erstwhile you slightest expect them.

One of the songs connected your past EP y? is called “vegas,” which is each astir wishing you and a important different tin spell backmost to the city. Do you person a sentimental transportation to Las Vegas?  It seems you person immoderate sentimental transportation successful your upcoming EP Z!? arsenic well.

Vegas is truly peculiar to me. It’s a spot that I spell to erstwhile I privation to flight and find bid of mind. I really wrote the songs “vegas” and “Paradise” astir the aforesaid time. I was wishing things were good successful “vegas,” but with “Paradise,” I was coating a representation of things being perfect. I’m a hopeless romantic, what tin I say? Haha

You’re besides moving each astir Las Vegas for the “vegas” euphony video. What was filming for that like? Do you person immoderate amusive stories?

Being connected the acceptable of “vegas” felt truthful incredibly freeing. There’s genuinely thing arsenic liberating arsenic dancing successful the mediate of the desert. I loved conscionable being capable to messiness astir and fto my goofy property radiance through.

What were you going done successful your idiosyncratic beingness that you channeled into this album?

During this past year, I was inspired to conscionable constitute arsenic overmuch arsenic I could to assistance myself retired of the slump that I was in. Similar to the ‘y’ shape, I felt similar I was astatine a crossroads successful my life. I was feeling precise insecure, and I began falling into atrocious habits, truthful I turned to penning to research a caller broadside of myself and let myself to heal portion showcasing my astir authentic and susceptible self.

You besides served arsenic a mentor connected the Chinese world TV endurance bid CHUANG 2021 earlier this year, and you’re astir to beryllium connected a caller amusement soon. This is simply a caller benignant of relation for you lately– person determination been immoderate surprises with it?

I’ve ne'er been an “official” mentor, but I’ve ever talked with my friends and colleagues astir creation and business. I cognize with the uncertainties and urgency of this industry, the surprises are endless. There was a collaboration signifier that I had with the contestants, and with specified small clip to hole and truthful overmuch to do, I learned truthful overmuch from them and a batch astir myself. It was a enactment of caller aerial to beryllium successful a radical show again similar the aged times. I deliberation I was shocked by however overmuch I spot myself successful these young contestants and however reminiscent of my past it made me. It truly takes maine backmost to a clip erstwhile I excessively was a caller artist, and I loved being capable to stock my cognition with them.

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You started your vocation successful a precise palmy miss group, f(x). What is simply a astonishing happening fans whitethorn not cognize astir the travel you person made from being successful a miss radical to present being a solo artist?

It mightiness bore people, but the concern is precise different. The squad dynamics, my roles, the responsibilities. Artistically, f(x) was each astir experimentation and trying to bash things differently. I inactive basal down that ngo successful my solo vocation portion besides staying existent to myself.

Do you ever miss your idol days successful K-Pop? 

Of course. Even though I didn’t recognize the language, euphony to maine is simply a cosmopolitan language, which is what allowed maine to signifier specified a peculiar transportation with K-pop. I loved the vibe, truthful I was capable to link contempt not having a implicit knowing of what was going on.

You made waves successful January of 2020 by speaking retired against the pressures of the K-Pop manufacture connected CBS Morning. What motivated you to bash this interrogation and beryllium truthful transparent astir specified a taboo subject?

Being thrown into the K-pop manufacture astatine specified a young property was truly hard for maine since I was perpetually being told what to do, what to say, what to look like, and adjacent what to think. It’s a batch of unit erstwhile the manufacture has specified powerfulness implicit you, and it truly took a toll connected my intelligence and carnal health. I don’t privation anyone other to spell done what I did. I anticipation by sharing my acquisition and thoughts, I could bring consciousness to the taxable since it is seldom discussed. I anticipation that I was capable to shed airy connected this contented to fto radical cognize that they’re not unsocial successful these struggles, beforehand a healthier mode of living, and destigmatize intelligence wellness care.

Are you getting progressive with oregon celebrating American Asian Pacific American Heritage Month adjacent year?

Now much than ever, successful the midst of the issues that we person been facing successful narration to the pandemic, I americium trying to beryllium a dependable for those successful the Asian-American community. I volition proceed to observe and advocator for my civilization by spreading consciousness of what’s going connected and donating to AAPI foundations. I’m besides performing astatine a virtual league with Amazon Studios to analyse the authorities of AAPI practice successful media connected May 20th, which tin beryllium viewed escaped of complaint connected their website. We volition enactment to alteration the stereotypes of AAPI members that beryllium successful fashionable civilization and reimagine strategies for societal alteration done a assortment of performances that showcase AAPI ethnicities and cultures.

You connection Mandarin versions for galore of your songs. For example, ‘Paradise’ successful your upcoming EP comes successful 2 versions. Even successful your past EP, determination were 2 antithetic featured artists (PENIEL connected the English way and Blow Fever connected the Mandarin one) for your deed opus ‘neon.’ As idiosyncratic who comes from a Chinese background, wherefore is it indispensable that you connection fans your songs successful some languages?

My ma is 1 of my biggest inspirations, and she loves erstwhile I sing successful Mandarin since she doesn’t talk English precise well. Just similar however I privation my ma to beryllium capable to bask my music, I besides privation my fans successful Asia to beryllium capable to sing on with me. I privation to beryllium capable to sing for everybody, and I emotion the antithetic vibes that the 2 versions carry.