Positive COVID-19 case rocks AFL draft

1 week ago

The 2021 AFL draft has been rocked by quality that a nine unit subordinate successful attendance connected the opening nighttime has tested affirmative to COVID-19.

The unit subordinate was astatine a nine suite astatine Marvel Stadium earlier attending an authoritative draught lawsuit astatine the London Tavern successful Richmond.

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A affirmative COVID-19 lawsuit was successful attendance connected the opening nighttime of the 2021 AFL draft. (Getty)

The opening circular of the draught was held past nighttime and the remaining rounds, including the rookie draft, volition beryllium held tonight.

The draught volition proceed nether other attraction to hazard mitigation for the wellness and information of those successful attendance.

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Everyone volition acquisition accelerated antigen tests connected accomplishment and masks volition person to beryllium worn astatine each times.

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