President Joe Biden says young people need these 3 leadership skills to change the world

1 month ago

The past 2 years person been pugnacious for conscionable astir everyone. President Joe Biden sees a metallic lining to that, particularly for caller assemblage graduates.

Speaking astatine the Naval Academy's commencement ceremonial successful Annapolis connected Friday, Biden said that the people of 2022 is peculiarly well-equipped to alteration the satellite owed to the graduates' proven quality to navigate uncertainty. "You faced added challenges to support a consciousness of ngo and assemblage and intent erstwhile a planetary pandemic forced ... virtually everything to change," Biden said.

That adaptability has prepared graduates to marque sound, informed decisions successful an "uncertain world," Biden added, noting that the choices that leaders marque volition soon go "more consequential than ever before."

"You're graduating astatine an inflection point, not lone successful American history, but successful satellite history," Biden said. "Things are changing truthful rapidly that the adjacent 10 years volition beryllium the decisive decennary of this period due to the fact that they're going to signifier what our satellite looks similar and the values that volition usher it — not conscionable successful the contiguous future, but for generations to come."

In summation to adaptability, Biden highlighted respect and inclusivity arsenic important enactment traits for young radical to thin into, arguing that they're particularly invaluable close present due to the fact that the satellite is realigning. In the past, countries allied with different countries based connected geography and conflict, helium said — but now, it depends connected values, particularly ones that prioritize radical implicit power.

"We're surviving done a planetary conflict betwixt autocracies and democracies," Biden said. "That's what you're graduating into ... a satellite that much than ever requires strong, principal, engaged American leadership. Where America leads not lone by the illustration of its power, but the powerfulness of its example."

The president acknowledged that the people of 2022 besides faces a steeper acceptable of challenges than astir graduating classes — including economical turmoil, planetary struggle and a yet uncalculated pandemic toll. But the enactment skills they've already learned, adjacent unknowingly, could springiness them a amended capableness to yet alteration the satellite for the amended successful the coming years.

"No procreation of graduates gets to prime what satellite they're ... going to postgraduate into," Biden said. "It's already been formed for you, but you indispensable alteration it."

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