Priyanka Chopra Jokes About Her ‘10 Year Age Gap’ With Husband Nick Jonas In Hilarious Roast Clip

1 week ago

Priyanka Chopra enactment her drama skills connected show and joked astir her property spread with Nick Jonas successful Netflix’s ‘Jonas Brothers Family Roast.’

Priyanka Chopra showed disconnected her drama prowess successful a Jonas Brothers Netflix special. The actress, 39, joined respective different celebrities for a roast of her hubby Nick Jonas and his brothers and bandmates Joe and Kevin for Jonas Brothers Family Roast, disposable to watercourse now. Priyanka did not clasp back, adjacent joking astir the 10-year property spread betwixt her and her 29-year-old husband, who she wed successful 2018.

“I americium honored and truthful thrilled, really tickled, to beryllium present contiguous to roast my hubby Nick Jonas and his brothers, whose names I tin ne'er remember,” Priyanka began her roast. “I’m from India, a state affluent successful culture, successful music, and entertainment, truthful intelligibly the Jonas Brothers didn’t marque it implicit there.” The prima past addressed the property quality betwixt her and her husband.

“Nick and I person a 10-year property gap, we do,”Priyanka said. “And determination are galore ’90s popular civilization references helium doesn’t understand, and I person to explicate them to him, which is good due to the fact that we thatch other.” She continued, “He showed maine however to usage TikTok, for example, and I thatch him what a palmy acting vocation looks like.”

She past joked astir Nick’s vanity. “Seriously, I privation to speech astir however overmuch I emotion my hubby and 1 of the things I emotion astir my hubby is however overmuch we person successful common,” Priyanka said. “You know, for instance, we’re some totally, completely, wholly obsessed, and I mean obsessed, with Nick Jonas. We emotion Nick Jonas. He’s our favorite.”

priyanka chopra and nick jonasPriyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas (Tinseltown/Shutterstock)

The histrion past got sincere and joked astir a pregnancy. “In each sincerity, I emotion that I joined a antheral who, similar myself, values family. If you don’t know, we’re the lone mates who doesn’t person kids yet, which is wherefore I’m excited to marque this announcement,” Priyanka said, adding, “Nick and I are expecting… to get drunk contiguous and slumber successful tomorrow!” Her hubby laughed and admitted, “I was a spot concerned.”

Nick isn’t the lone member who was brutally roasted successful the special. Joe’s woman Sophie Turner had NSFW jokes astir her hubby and his brothers’ infamous purity rings. “I cognize this is simply a roast, and you each deliberation I should beryllium going aft them, but I deliberation we request to acceptable the grounds consecutive here,” the Game of Thrones alum said. “No, the rings weren’t a bully idea. Yes, arsenic a motion they’re laughably, toe-curlingly lame.”

She added, “But remember: This was astir much than a gesture. This was astir faith. This was astir principle. This was astir taking a basal and mounting an example. Look, Joe Jonas wasn’t conscionable sticking his fingers successful immoderate dumb metallic rings. He was sticking his fingers successful costars, actresses, and adjacent a supermodel oregon two.”