‘Raising Kanan’ Finale Preview: Kanan Promises Raq That Howard Is ‘Gone For Good’

3 weeks ago

Exclusive Video

September 24, 2021 10:05AM EDT

Kanan and Raq conscionable up successful the aftermath of Kanan’s showdown with Howard successful this EXCLUSIVE preview of the ‘Raising Kanan’ finale. Kanan stresses that Howard isn’t coming back.

Kanan arrives astatine Lou-Lou’s spot to conscionable up with Raq. Right away, Raq notices that thing is off. She asks Kanan wherever the apparel and wealth she gave him are. “I near it successful the damn car,” helium says successful this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Raising Kanan finale, airing September 26.

Raq knows that Kanan needs to change, truthful they spell wrong Lou-Lou’s house. “What happened to your hand?” Raq asks her son. Kanan responds, “I fell connected the mode retired of there.” She gives him a look, and helium promises that helium didn’t permission immoderate grounds down aft shooting Howard.

Raising KananMekai Curtis and Patina Miller connected ‘Raising Kanan.’ (STARZ)

Kanan says helium did everything other that helium was expected to do. She conscionable has 1 much question. “How galore you springiness him?” she asks. Right away, Kanan says, “Three.” But helium adds that possibly helium lone fired 2 shots. In reality, helium lone fired 1 to Howard’s thorax that we saw, but we did perceive a 2nd changeable erstwhile the erstwhile occurrence faded to black.

Raq stresses that there’s a large quality betwixt 2 and 3 shots. “I can’t retrieve close now, mom,” Kanan tells Raq. She told him 2 shots to the chest, 1 to the head. She doesn’t recognize however helium forgot her circumstantial instructions.

“Does it matter? Two? Three? He gone. I enactment him connected his back, and he’s gone for good,” a steadfast Kanan says to his mother. But is helium really? With Raising Kanan, you ne'er know.

Omar EppsOmar Epps arsenic Det. Malcolm Howard. (STARZ)

In the penultimate episode, Raq prepped Kanan for his biggest termination yet that would prevention them both. He wore Unique’s missing overgarment to marque the kill. When helium pulled the weapon out, Howard said, “You don’t wanna bash that, son.” Kanan inactive doesn’t person immoderate thought that Howard is his biologic father.

“Raq is mounting you up,” Howard said to Kanan conscionable earlier Kanan pulled the trigger. Kanan walked up to Howard aft the archetypal changeable and prepared to instrumentality the second, consenting and capable to instrumentality a “hit” that wasn’t adjacent his. The Power Book III: Raising Kanan finale airs Sunday, September 26, connected STARZ.