Randy Jackson: 5 Things To Know About Janet & Michael’s Brother

3 months ago

Ahead of his sister Janet Jackson’s highly anticipated Lifetime and A&E documentary series, larn much astir her older member Randy.

Randy Jackson is simply a euphony icon. Now 60, Randy roseate to fame arsenic a subordinate of the famed Jackson 5 (later conscionable The Jacksons) alongside brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and the precocious Michael Jackson. He is besides an older member to legendary sister Janet Jackson, 55, who is the taxable of a highly anticipated documentary bid acceptable to aerial connected Lifetime and A&E. Learn much astir Randy up of the premiere here.

Randy Jackson attends the ‘State of the World’ Tour After Party successful Los Angeles successful October 2017. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

He’s a subordinate of the legendary Jackson family

Steven Randall “Randy” Jackson was calved successful Gary, Indiana connected October 29, 1961 to parents Katherine Esther, 91, and the precocious Joe Jackson. Beyond brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael, helium besides had sister Janet, arsenic good arsenic sisters Le Toya and Rebbie.

He roseate to fame with the Jackson 5

The Jackson 5 — aboriginal known arsenic the Jacksons — were a defining philharmonic radical of the 1970s, mostly successful portion acknowledgment to absorption from dada Joe. Before hitting it big, the boys would execute philharmonic songs astatine home, aboriginal earning accolades from section endowment shows. Joe hustled the radical to get signed with a statement successful 1968, earlier yet ending up astatine past making Motown Records.

Alongside his brothers, the radical had their archetypal Billboard topping deed with “I Want You Back” successful 1970 erstwhile Randy was conscionable 9 years old. The azygous was followed by “ABC,” “I’ll Be There” and “The Love You Save” starring to planetary occurrence astir the globe — yet becoming Motown Records best-selling radical (beating retired Diana Ross and The Supremes). The radical became a blueprint for the massively palmy solo careers of Michael, and later, sister Janet successful the 1980s and beyond.

The radical earned 3 GRAMMY nominations, and had 3 songs inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame: “I’ll Be There” and “I Want You Back” successful 1999, followed by “ABC” successful 2007.

He’s a father

Randy was formerly joined to Eliz Shaffe from 1989 to 1992, and the mates stock a girl Stevanna Jackson, 31. Stevanna has embarked connected an amusement vocation of her own, acting alongside Jamie Lynn Spears on Zoey 101 in the 2000s. He besides shares 2 kids with ex-partner Alejandra Genevieve OaziazaGenevieve Katherine, 32, and Steven Randall Jr., 29.

Controversially, Alejandra besides joined and divorced Randy’s member Jermaine: they wed successful 1995, but divorced by 2003. Jermaine besides had a lad with Alejandra: Jermajesty Jackson, 21.

He’s closet to Janet

Despite coming from a immense family, Randy has maintained an particularly adjacent narration with Janet who is 5 years his junior. The Control singer shouted Randy retired for his day connected Instagram backmost successful 2020, sharing a saccharine photograph of the 2 embracing.

“Big bro I luv u. Wishing u happiness, bid and luv ever but particularly connected this peculiar time @randyjackson8,” she wrote with a achromatic bosom emoji. Randy is besides a co-partner with his sister astatine autarkic grounds statement Rhythm Nation Records (named for her 1989 album).

Randy Jackson and Janet Jackson get astatine tribunal successful Sept. 2011 arsenic Dr. Conrad Murray is charged with Involuntary manslaughter successful the 2009 decease their member Michael. (Paul Buck/EPA/Shutterstock)

He was successful a superior car crash

In 1980, Randy was progressive successful a superior car mishap that crushed some of his legs and feet. The incidental happened successful Hollywood, CA. He was earnestly injured and had to beryllium saved by the “jaws of life.” Randy miraculously recovered — aboriginal appearing connected magazine Jet with a header that read  “Randy Jackson Walks Again: Talks About His Future.”