Rap artist Nicki Minaj faces backlash after tweeting inaccurate information about Covid vaccines

1 week ago

Nicki Minaj is seen arriving to the 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes connected Fashion astatine The Metropolitan Museum of Art connected May 6, 2019 successful New York City.

Gilbert Carrasquillo | GC Images | Getty Images

Nicki Minaj faced nationalist backlash Tuesday aft tweeting the time earlier that a person of her relative developed swollen testicles and impotence aft getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

In a bid of tweets Monday, the ten-time Grammy nominated rap creator told fans she would lone get immunized erstwhile she did capable probe and recommended that they deterioration masks and get the shots if they're required to for work. Minaj skipped this year's Met Gala, which enforced a vaccine mandate, saying she was avoiding nationalist events, generally, due to the fact that she has a caller babe astatine home.

Minaj said she was shooting a video and preparing for the Video Music Awards, which aired Sunday, erstwhile she caught Covid earlier this twelvemonth and had to quarantine distant from her babe lad for a week.

Most people, however, seized connected her comments astir her cousin's friend, which galore radical criticized arsenic spreading mendacious information.

MSNBC National Correspondent Joy Ann Reid criticized Minaj: "You person 22 cardinal followers connected Twitter. For you to usage your level to promote our assemblage to not support themselves and prevention their lives, by God sister, you tin bash amended than that."

Minaj lashed retired astatine Reid implicit Twitter, sharing the quality clip and utilizing a radical slur to insult Reid, who is besides black.

Doctors were speedy to constituent retired that immoderate Minaj's relative's person was suffering from weren't known broadside effects from getting the shots.

"We are each human, and we thin to subordinate things," Dr. Arturo Casadevall, seat of molecular microbiology and immunology astatine the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health told CNBC. He noted that swollen testicles and impotence aren't broadside effects to the vaccine. "So oftentimes, things that are not related get associated, and to that person, that relation is precise strong. But this is wherefore we person science."

Casadevall said that the symptoms experienced by Minaj's cousin's person were "almost certainly" not connected to the vaccines, and the timing was conscionable a coincidence.

Minaj skipped the Met Gala successful New York City Monday night, which enforced a vaccine request for guests. She replied to a instrumentality who noted Minaj had not made a nationalist quality for implicit a year, saying that she was avoiding question to support the wellness of her babe son.

In a consequent tweet, Minaj said she was "sure" she'd yet get vaccinated successful bid to spell connected tour. Attempts to scope Minaj's representatives were unsuccessful.

Vaccine hesitancy is communal nationwide, a caller CNBC/Change Research poll found, and it's a large obstacle to achieving the herd immunity experts accidental is indispensable to curb aboriginal Covid surges successful the U.S. The canvass reported that 34% of unvaccinated respondents said they were disquieted astir the vaccine's broadside effects, portion different 34% said their suspicion of the national authorities made them reluctant to vaccinate.

Debunking misinformation done conversations with the vaccine hesitant is indispensable to gathering nationalist trust, Casadevall said.

"These vaccines are highly safe," Casadevall said, noting that the risks of the broadside effects from the vaccines are importantly little than the wellness risks posed by the virus. "Covid, connected the different hand, is deadly, unpredictable."

And for anyone similar Minaj seeking much probe connected the disposable vaccines earlier scheduling an assignment to immunize, Casadevall suggested turning to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration for guidance.

"I don't deliberation doing probe connected the internet, oregon speechmaking Twitter posts oregon thing similar that, is research," Casadevall said. "Research means that you person a systematic mode to look astatine the problem."