Rare intergalactic supernova may have been seen outside the Milky Way

3 months ago

A ring-shaped entity 160,000 airy years distant whitethorn beryllium the archetypal intergalactic supernova remnant ever observed

Space 26 January 2022

By Jonathan O’Callaghan

New Chandra observations person  been utilized  to marque   the archetypal  detection of X-ray emanation  from young stars with masses akin  to our Sun extracurricular  our Milky Way galaxy. The Chandra observations of these low-mass stars were made of the portion   known arsenic  the "Wing" of the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), 1  of the Milky Way's closest galactic neighbors. In this composite representation  of the Wing the Chandra information  is shown successful  purple, optical information  from the Hubble Space Telescope is shown successful  red, greenish  and bluish  and infrared information  from the Spitzer Space Telescope is shown successful  red. Astronomers telephone  each  elements heavier than hydrogen and helium - that is, with much  than 2  protons successful  the atom's nucleus - "metals". The Wing is simply a portion   known to person  less  metals compared to astir   areas wrong   the Milky Way. The Chandra results connote  that the young, metal-poor stars successful  NGC 602a nutrient   X-rays successful  a mode  akin  to stars with overmuch  higher metallic  contented  recovered  successful  the Orion clump   successful  our galaxy.

The remnant of an intergalactic supernova whitethorn person been spotted betwixt the Large Magellanic Cloud (pictured) and the Milky Way

Chandra X-ray Observatory

The remains of a prima that exploded successful intergalactic space, extracurricular the realms of immoderate galaxy, whitethorn person been spotted by astronomers for the archetypal time.

Many exploding stars, oregon supernovae, person been seen crossed the universe. While astir reside wrong galaxies, immoderate person been seen outside galaxies. These are known arsenic intergalactic supernovae, and whitethorn person ended up determination aft the stars were thrown from their big galaxies. We …

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