Ray Liotta’s Fiancée Jacy Nittolo Mourns Him In Heartbreaking Tribute: ‘He Was Everything To Me’

4 weeks ago

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Ray Liotta
Heartbreakers - 2001
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Something Wild - 1986
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Ray LiottaRay Liotta photoshoot, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA - 18 Apr 1988

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Ray Liotta’s fiancée, Jacy Nittolo, shared a heartbreaking tribute for the precocious actor, who passed away astatine the property of 67 connected Thursday, May 26. Three days later, Jacy took to her Instagram to station an unthinkable photograph medium of the blessed beingness they shared unneurotic earlier his untimely death. In the affectional connection written alongside the snaps, the 47-year-old quality remembered the Goodfellas prima arsenic “the astir beauteous idiosyncratic wrong and out.”

“My beingness these past mates of years person been thing but genuinely magical,” Jacy shared. “Ray and I stock a heavy emotion that I volition cherish successful my bosom forever. We laughed regular and we were inseparable. The chemistry was chaotic successful the champion way. He was everything successful the satellite to maine and we couldn’t get capable of each other. The benignant of existent emotion that 1 dreams of.”

She concluded the saccharine tribute by saying, “He was the astir beauteous idiosyncratic wrong and retired that I’ve ever known…and adjacent that is an understatement.”

It’s unclear erstwhile Ray and Jacy archetypal met and began dating, though the histrion gushed astir the infinitesimal helium popped the question to the parent of 4 backmost successful December 2020 connected Instagram. In a gorgeous drawback of the adorable mates lasting successful beforehand of a Christmas tree, helium wrote, “I asked the emotion of my beingness to wed me, and convey God she said yes!!!”

At the clip of his passing, Ray was successful the Dominican Republic filming a caller movie called Dangerous Waters. Jacy was reportedly connected the land arsenic good portion her fiancé was working. No foul play is suspected and determination was thing suspicious astir Liotta’s death. The histrion “passed distant successful his slumber past night,” his publicist Jennifer Allen told HollywoodLife connected Thursday.

Ray was antecedently joined to Michelle Grace, who helium wed successful 1997 aft gathering astatine a shot game. Michelle is the parent of Ray’s lone child, Karsen Liotta. They divorced successful 2004.