'Revenge' narrative in Paine case questioned

1 week ago

Former NRL sex advisor, Professor Catharine Lumby, has appealed to Cricket Australia (CA) and Cricket Tasmania (CT) to execute an autarkic reappraisal into their handling of the Tim Paine sexting scandal.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Lumby believes CA's transparency with the nationalist to beryllium clouded, consequently calling for an outer adept to measure however CA conducted its enquiry successful 2018 to "restore afloat confidence".

Paine was cleared by investigations tally by some cricket bodies successful 2018, nevertheless resigned connected Friday connected relationship that his actions "do not conscionable the modular of an Australian cricket skipper oregon the wider community".

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Tim Paine speaks during a property league successful 2018. (Getty)

While Lumby did not criticise the erstwhile probe overseen by CA's erstwhile integrity chief, Sean Carroll, she did item the value of managing intersexual harassments issues wrong the workplace. She claimed it would beryllium beneficial for the organisation to reappraisal its procedures and processes.

"The crushed I accidental that is there's a persistence of communicative that women marque things up to get attraction oregon wreak havoc and revenge – I've had radical accidental this to maine astir this matter," she said.

"I'm not saying that it's ne'er happened that a pistillate has made this up. Women are human, too. It is absorbing that it's specified a persistent narrative.

"I think, therefore, CA, if I was CA, I would beryllium getting a bully autarkic reappraisal of the probe and of the codification of behaviour and, much generally, your policies and procedures for handling complaints.

"Because it's an interior investigation, I'm not saying CA has done the incorrect thing, but to reconstruct afloat assurance present this is retired successful the open, I deliberation a precise sensible people of enactment would beryllium to bring successful idiosyncratic from extracurricular who is an adept connected these matters – of gender, intersexual harassment, workplace relationships – to get them to bash a review.

"You wouldn't person to merchandise intimate details, but you could person the comfortableness that an autarkic adept has reviewed the mode you'd approached this substance and could merchandise that portion of the report."

CA declined to comment, but erstwhile CT main enforcement Nick Cummins supported the 2018 inquiry, saying connected Tuesday that what was uncovered was "justifiable astatine the time".

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