‘RHOA’ Recap: Kenya & Marlo Nearly Get Into A Physical Fight At Drew’s Workout Event

1 month ago

Kenya Moore, Marlo Hampton

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 Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

 Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

 Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

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A bulk of the June 26 occurrence of The Real Housewives of Atlanta revolved astir Kandi Burruss and whether oregon not she’s a bully friend. Marlo Hampton and Sheree Whitfield still don’t deliberation she is, truthful they confronted her during a time astatine the sauna. Sheree — erstwhile again — told Kandi that she should person called her and checked successful connected her, pursuing her play with Tyrone. And Marlo told Kandi that if she was a bully friend, past she’d cognize that she precocious had an affectional telephone telephone with her sister that ended badly. But Kandi said it’s a 2 mode thoroughfare and she doesn’t consciousness them putting successful immoderate effort either. She besides explained however her ain household doesn’t consciousness she gives them capable attention, truthful they should get successful line. But they kept harping and it frustrated Kandi truthful overmuch that she yet deed her breaking constituent and started yelling. So alternatively of continuing with the conversation, Marlo and Sheree conscionable gave Kandi a hug and called it a day.

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Later, Sanya Richards-Ross had a heart-to-heart with hubby Aaron Ross implicit her concerns astir expanding their family. She feels that they’re mode excessively engaged to person different child, but helium doesn’t agree. He wants different 1 and helium fears that he’ll 1 time resent her if they don’t person a 2nd child. And nary 1 seems to beryllium siding with her — erstwhile Sanya aboriginal asked Drew Sidora and her hubby Ralph however they felt astir the situation, they some told her she should person different babe with Aaron. Ralph said that helium and Drew are conscionable arsenic busy, if not more, than Sanya and Aaron, yet they person 3 kids, truthful she shouldn’t beryllium complaining astir having a second. And Drew told Sanya to bash immoderate was needed to marque her hubby happy. Sanya, connected the different hand, wondered wherefore nary 1 cared what was needed to marque her happy.

At immoderate point, Kenya Moore besides met up with Kandi and told her that Marlo’s been saying she’s not a bully friend. Obviously, Kandi already knew that, but erstwhile she heard Marlo was telling a batch much radical than conscionable Sheree, it conscionable made it a bigger concern than it already was. Kandi couldn’t recognize wherefore Marlo was gunning for her truthful hard. So erstwhile the ladies each met up astatine Drew’s workout event, Kandi went to face Marlo implicit everything Marlo’s been saying to people. Unfortunately, their speech was chopped abbreviated erstwhile Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker, got a telephone and they were notified that a trespasser had gotten onto their spot portion their kids were astatine location with a babysitter. Kandi and Todd raced home, portion Marlo was forced to decorativeness the speech with the different ladies. And erstwhile she recovered retired that Kenya made the concern worse, she and Kenya started warring with each other. They were screaming hateful words astatine each other, and astatine 1 point, they astir got into a carnal combat due to the fact that Kenya felt Marlo was getting successful her face. Fortunately, the ladies broke them up and Kenya ended up leaving. But things were precise adjacent to getting ugly.

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