‘RHOBH’: Erika Jayne Claims Tom Girardi Was ‘Cheating’ On Her — ‘I Found The Evidence’

4 days ago

After the ladies escaped to La Quinta connected this week’s ‘RHOBH’, Erika shared much startling details astir her messy divorce.

Well, we can’t accidental we saw this 1 coming. The July 21 occurrence of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dove deeper into Erika Jayne‘s messy divorce, arsenic she claimed that Tom Girardi was “cheating” connected her earlier they split.

The large uncover came aft Erika met up with the ladies astatine Kyle Richards‘ location successful La Quinta, and she shared much details astir Tom’s car mishap from 3 years ago.

Erika Jayne connected ‘RHOBH. (Bravo/NBC)

Erika said that erstwhile the car mishap initially happened during Season 8, she brushed it disconnected arsenic a insignificant fender bender, but that wasn’t what truly happened. She claims that Tom ended up “unconscious for 12 hours” aft driving “off a cliff”. The ladies gasped and couldn’t judge what they were hearing, but Erika’s communicative besides didn’t afloat adhd up.

First, she said helium drove disconnected a cliff, but aboriginal she said helium “tumbles retired of the car” aft someway falling retired of his conveyance connected his instrumentality location from enactment 1 night. “This car communicative is truthful confusing to me. Thrown from the car… Not thrown from the car… I don’t get it. Was the car totaled?,” Sutton Stracke wondered successful her backstage confessional. But earlier they could adjacent fig retired what genuinely happened, Erika dropped different bombshell.

She said she didn’t spell looking for Tom successful the clip that helium disappeared aft his car wreck due to the fact that she conscionable assumed helium was “with immoderate different woman“. Kyle past asked what pistillate he’d beryllium cheating connected her with, and Erika said, “I don’t know… immoderate of them.”

Erika said she ne'er went done her husband’s telephone until Yolanda Hadid divorced David Foster. Once they split, she made the determination to commencement snooping around, and she’s present gladsome she did. “I recovered the evidence. It was substance messages. It was pictures. It felt similar it was years long. Well, I cognize it was”, she said without revealing however she knows that information.

Erika past told the ladies that she “knew a batch due to the fact that it was truthful hard to hide”, arsenic Tom was “sloppy”. Erika adjacent went arsenic acold arsenic claiming that Tom ne'er denied cheating connected Erika, truthful Kyle asked the evident question — “Why did you not permission if you knew helium was cheating connected you?”

Erika said, “Where americium I going? He told maine consecutive up, ‘This is my house.’ Where americium I going?”

On a affirmative note, Erika said that portion she’s not presently okay, she “will beryllium okay”, truthful Sutton past asked everyone if they’d similar to feast connected immoderate pancake cake. Naturally, everyone said yes, truthful arsenic she went to chopped a fewer slices for the group, Kyle and Lisa Rinna gave Erika large hugs and told her that they emotion her.

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