‘RHOBH’ Reunion Recap: Erika Jayne Admits She Wants ‘Hot Sex’ With A ‘Big’ Man

4 days ago


October 13, 2021 9:00PM EDT

Erika Jayne is ‘trying’ to find a caller antheral aft splitting with Tom Girardi, she revealed during Part 1 of the ‘RHOBH’ reunion connected Oct. 13.

When the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion kicked disconnected connected Oct. 13, Erika Jayne faced viewers’ hard-hitting questions head-on arsenic she revealed astonishing facts astir her life. For example, aft she said she made definite that she looked “hot” and “single” for the reunion, host Andy Cohen asked astir her emotion beingness and whether she’s been dating since her divided with Tom Girardi.

“I’m trying [to date],” she admitted earlier asking Andy for immoderate “help”. And past erstwhile helium asked her what benignant of feline she’s looking for, she said, “something with a large penis.” Yes, really.

(Nicole Weingart/Bravo)

“Really? Okay…,” Andy replied, earlier Erika unashamedly added, “I would similar immoderate blistery sex.” Kyle Richards jokingly said that Erika’s apt going to person “a batch of takers” aft that comment, and Erika welcomed it. She said her DMs are precise “open”.

After that, Erika mostly stayed successful the inheritance arsenic the different ladies dealt with their issues betwixt each other. But successful the last fewer minutes of this week’s episode, Andy started questioning Erika connected the extremity of her marriage. He asked her wherefore she hadn’t near Tom aft archetypal uncovering retired helium was cheating connected her. And Erika said, “The cheating was [just] a portion of it. There’s truthful overmuch much there, and I’ve said to Tom, ‘If you are successful emotion with idiosyncratic else, divorcement me, and spell beryllium with her,'” and she claimed helium said “nothing” successful return.

Then, erstwhile Andy asked Erika whether she remained “faithful to him“, the occurrence ended earlier she could answer. We had a feeling it’d instrumentality a spot to get to the play surrounding Erika, but it looks similar we’ll commencement getting the existent ungraded adjacent week.

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