RHOSLC’s Meredith Marks ‘Surprised’ By Jen Shah’s Guilty Plea & Has Not Spoken To Her Since

1 month ago

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks, 50, has breached her soundlessness connected Jen Shah‘s blameworthy plea to ligament fraud. “Obviously I’m surprised. I deliberation astir apt everybody’s surprised,” she said connected the #NoFilter with Zack Peter podcast connected Aug. 17. “I don’t deliberation anyone was expecting that.”

Meredith, Jen, and Heather Gay were spotted spending clip connected New York City’s High Line attraction successful the Hudson Yards successful July conscionable days earlier Jen, 48, pleaded guilty, but Meredith admitted she has had minimal interaction with her co-star since. “We’ve texted a little, but I person not had immoderate conversations with her,” she revealed. “I’ve been retired of the state and she’s present been getting her oldest lad settled astatine aesculapian schoolhouse and truthful I person not really talked to her.”

Meredith MarksMeredith Marks primitively defended Jen Shah, with the mindset that she was guiltless until proven blameworthy (Photo: BRAVO)

While connected the podcast, Meredith besides took the clip to support herself for staying adjacent to Jen starring up to her blameworthy plea, contempt the likelihood looking against her. “Honestly, I had a station connected my Instagram feed, a photograph with maine and Heather and Jen successful it and determination were a batch of truly vicious comments, calling Jen a transgression and each these things,” she recalled. “That whitethorn beryllium the lawsuit if you privation to accidental that now, but erstwhile idiosyncratic hasn’t pleaded blameworthy and they haven’t had a trial, it’s not up to maine oregon anybody different than the assemblage successful that lawsuit — due to the fact that it was slated to beryllium a assemblage proceedings — to marque that determination.”

Jen was taken into national custody successful March 2021 for her engagement successful a telemarketing scam that defrauded hundreds of radical retired of millions of dollars. While she primitively pleaded not guilty, she reversed her determination during her July 11 tribunal date. “Ms. Shah is simply a bully pistillate who crossed a line. She accepts afloat work for her actions and profoundly apologizes to each who person been harmed,” Jennifer’s lawyer told People astatine the time. “Ms. Shah is besides atrocious for disappointing her husband, children, family, friends, and supporters. Jen pled blameworthy due to the fact that she wants to wage her indebtedness to nine and enactment this ordeal down her and her family.” The Real Housewives star’s blameworthy plea is reportedly portion of a woody that volition marque her maximum situation sentence 14 years, alternatively than 50. She is besides expected to instrumentality the $9 cardinal she stole from victims successful summation to a $6 cardinal fee.

Jen ShahJen Shah was adamant astir her innocence, which made her blameworthy plea truthful shocking (Photo: BRAVO)

Despite the blameworthy plea, a root told People that Bravo inactive plans to support the cameras rolling connected Jen, which Meredith besides said shocked her. “Whether you are blameworthy oregon not, it is truthful casual to accidental thing that could beryllium spun to incriminate you,” she reasoned connected the #NoFilter podcast. “And I conscionable deliberation it’s benignant of scary. I mean, I deliberation it’s truly gutsy that she stayed on. I do. I don’t deliberation I could nether those circumstances.”

Housewives enforcement producer Andy Cohen, 54, antecedently aired retired his frustrations astir Jen’s blameworthy plea. “I’m upset, and I’m particularly upset for her victims,” helium said connected the July 13 occurrence of his Sirius XM show, Radio Andy. “I’m upset that she lied for truthful agelong and claimed to maine that she was an illustration of idiosyncratic being wrongly accused.”